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September 11, 2007


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I have seen a few POV globes before, but this one is the best yet! Looks like GNG Display had some time on their hands and decided to have some fun.

“See the world in 3D and write your message on the world.It’s a POV display. It has 256 white smd led for drawing the world and 32 blue smd led for the message section.”


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19 Responses to “Globe LED POV”

  1. ryan Says:

    i just saw this in my popular science….

  2. AuroraAlpha Says:

    Actually I believe that was a different globe which can be found here:

    You’ll notice the ‘other’ globe I linked to uses RGB LEDs (I am not sure if they are RGB LEDs or three LEDs of each color per pixel, but the effect is the same) which allows the globe to be full color on every line. You will notice in this the magazine because they feature green land and blue oceans, this globe doesn’t have the green option. The full globe was also featured in Make Magazine if we want to compare the publicity the two have gotten. RGB globe, 2; this globe, 0.

  3. Stephen Carboni Says:

    Totally Star Wars like.

  4. pm Says:

    Looks like a hologramm 🙂

  5. Joven Says:

    Ahhh! I want one!

  6. Ergun Says:

    I’m the owner of the gngdisplay. We are trying to solve some problems of this globe to make a commercial item.I think it will be ready at first months of 2008. We don’t put any information in our website. It wil be full color RGB may be. But this will increase it’s cost. Lastly sorry to my poor english.

  7. LED Globe Again... | zedomax.com - a blog about DIYs, hacks(wii hacks, iphone hacks), and satiric opinions on gadgets and technology today. Says:

    […] via hackedgadgets […]

  8. Matt Says:

    Sweet looking! Will it be only available complete, or as a DIY kit?

  9. Roe Says:

    Nice, the LEDs he use look really small, SMD? I hope he opens source it.

  10. Turk ! Says:

    Helal olsun abi ! If you make this I will defiantly buy one !

  11. Chavez Says:

    This looks awesome

  12. Scott Says:

    What’s the progress on making this commercially available?

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Last I heard they were still working on it.

  14. Javier Says:

    I am very interested on the globe led pov, does anybody know where I can buy it?

  15. REid Says:

    I would love to make one like that. Where is the instruction or information on it.

  16. aib Says:

    BTW, the message reads “Happy New Year” and “You’re [in the process of] watching CSL display” in Turkish.

  17. zmax Says:

    I guess Ergun gave up on marketing it! not a word for 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!

  18. Kevin Williams Says:

    I like what I saw, is this for sale or can you teach me how to make one thanks 702 498-6370

  19. Nathan Says:

    hi im trying to make an Led spinning screen instead of a globe, to use and a novelty computer screen, the programing would be extreamly difficult to write but i would liek to know if anyone has attempted it and how i would go about makieing one?

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