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September 7, 2007

K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit

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If you have ever thought about building your own audio amplifier why not go old school and build a tube amp! Have a look at a well documented K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit construction process. The end result is a fine looking piece of equipment.

“With the K-502 tube amplifier kit is a piece of pine to mount your finished amp, but it’s more fun to put it in a box. The case I used was one of Schroff’s 19” multipak jobs (they are very pricey, but beautifully done). The transformer bins on top were purchased from an eBay shop.

When having valves pop out the top and your using “ring towers” and a pcb, it’s worth noting you must pay special attention to the size of your “rings” as they may not fit the pcb when placed side by side. (I had to put my valve sockets on wire legs to make them fit the rings!) This was a tedious mistake. The wire is pure silver however.”


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3 Responses to “K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit”

  1. snel afvallen Says:

    I really think that these tube amplifiers hyped, just like the GainClone amplifiers.

  2. Lione Bestellen Says:

    I don’t agree with you! GainClone amps do live up to the expectations.

  3. appu Says:

    Disagree with snel. Tube amps are great its great to build one. U also don’t need much external componets. I think GainClone amps are shi** and can’t give u the dynamic of a tupe amp.

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