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September 3, 2007

Space Pen

at 5:45 am. Filed under Cool Gadgets

Looking for a pen that does more than the average pen? If so, you need to look into getting a space pen.

“* writes on wood, metal, drywall, rubber, plastic, foam
* features level and plumb vials,rugged ABS construction, magnetic base
* removable Space Pen
* Packaging is blister carded
* metric and imperial measurements”

Via: Daily Gadget


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10 Responses to “Space Pen”

  1. Alexander Says:

    I got one of these as a present for graduating highschool. I still use it to this day. You get used to the idea of writing anywhere with this pen–when you use other pens, you get mad at them for not working.

  2. Clark Hummell Says:

    Yeah, I think I saw these when hey came out… like 20 years ago?

  3. Gues7 Says:

    Can you not just use a pencil?

  4. Kozz Says:

    If it’s a “space” pen and were actually used in such an environment, I’m imagining the “bubble level” feature may be less than useful!

  5. Gues7 Says:

    [The Moscow Times, 2000]

    There is a charming anecdote that roams from e-mail box to e-mail box around the world about how, at the height of the space race, the Americans and Soviets approached the same problem: how an astronaut (or cosmonaut) could use a pen to write in zero gravity.

    As the story goes, the Americans spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an ambitious, gravity-immune ballpoint pen; they successfully developed such a pen; and this pen went on to become a massive commercial success in the private sector. The Soviets – with the simple elegance their scientists are so rightly famed for – opted instead to use a pencil.

  6. Macka Says:

    I thought they spent around US$1Mill on developing a pen to write in space, but the real question is Does THIS pen write in space?

  7. kayne001 Says:

    the thing about pencils is that records fade away after a short period of time compared to pen. I have some old school papers that you can’t see anymore.
    Also copying records is one of those no-no’s scientist’s don’t like.
    Also having a pen that can grab on metal is good, why look around for a pencil.
    Many pencils can write on metal but how useful is it when it’s so dull?

    Both sides do have their own ways, and both sides have gone out to space and “beyond”. Inventing new things (engineers love this) or using simple elegance to combat problems (engineers love this too) both ways are cool and smart. That story however is a neat little story, that’s all it is.

  8. frozen_f Says:

    Saw something like this a few years ago, look tricky to balance in your hand.

  9. plamen Says:

    what a stupids are u americans nasa gave … of dollars for designing this pen that can write in space and..
    do u know what the russians did ?

    …..used pencil…

  10. Steve Says:

    NASA didn’t develop the space pen; the Fisher Space Pen Co. did. NASA used pencils for a while, but they were afraid they would break and pieces would float into astronauts’ eyes, the computers, etc., something called foreign-object damage (FOD). Fisher designed his pen with his own capital and then approached NASA for marketing purposes. Regular ball-point pens won’t write upside-down, but they will work in zero gravity. Russian cosmonauts actually use regular ball-point pens in space, not pencils or the Fisher pen. Many American astronauts use the Fisher pen. They’re nice pens; why not?

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