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September 2, 2007

Robotic Restaurant

at 5:22 am. Filed under Crazy Hacks, What Were They Thinking

Automation is everywhere, have a look at this Robotic Restaurant for a cool example!

Video after the jump.

“You select your meal from touchscreens that are installed on every table, and it arrives via a spiral slide a few minutes later.”

Via: TechEBlog and Gizmodo



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9 Responses to “Robotic Restaurant”

  1. marks256 Says:

    I think i should press the local pizza place to try something like this…

  2. ryan Says:

    looks like the setup in chitty chitty bang bang

  3. Lee Says:

    An oscillating fan is more of a robot than this.

  4. Alexander Says:

    I’ve had the idea for a while now for a burger-joint where it was all automated. From patty-production to french-fry frying. ‘Robo-Burger’ is the tentative title. I think I could get the entire thing done, it would just take cash.

    Think about it: The most costly thing inside a fast-food joint is the people working there.

    You have to train them.
    You have to pay them.
    They take breaks.
    They need to sleep.
    They screw up your order.
    They are rude.
    They don’t wash their hands.

    Pfft. All eliminated. Right now it is kind-of rough, but the basic idea would be to have touch-screen based ordering stations that would have pictures and all that stuff. You swipe your card (no cash. Just cards. Much quicker that way.) and then you wait for your order to be prepared. It will come out in a box, sealed with your name on it. Or place your order online, and have it ready and waiting for you when you come in. 24/7/365 whenever you need a burger.

    And just burgers. All freshly prepared, not an instant before your order is confirmed. Ever. I think that with my method of cooking (which I won’t outline here) could have a burger go from cold to in your hands in under 3min. Fries are even easier.

    The only humans that would have to do anything would be the guy who delivers the soda, meat, french fries, etc. Which could be done only when it needs it. Slow week? No deliveries this week. Fast week? Order some during the middle of the week. Nobody buying the breakfast sausage & Egg? Advertise a special two-for-one deal.

    Advertising would be pretty much automated as well. Random specials, or ones that are triggered by a slow selling item, sent out via Email. Coupons automatically applied to your order, when you order. Never have to print out a coupon–you get an email that says what specials you have, and then you select them at the time of purchase from the screen. Done.

    Since it is all automated, the chances of error is pretty much nil. If you didin’t want pickles, then they won’t get put onto your burger. It’s not some human that has been making the double-cheeseburger for the last year and a half and has been putting pickles on the burger so he forgets. No. It’s a machine. A cold, heartless, unthinking machine.

    All it knows is that order# 43789 has a double-cheese with ketchup, mustard, onions, and some BBQ sauce on the first burger. Large fries (weighed out to 8oz) with spicy seasoning mix coating. And a 10-piece chicken nugget. Drinks are dispensed by the customer (have to give them something to do while they wait the 3min for their order) over on the side at 35 degrees. Colder soda means it stays fizzy longer, and you don’t need as much ice. Less ice means cheaper overhead for me as ice is quite expensive.

    Enough out of me. I’m giving away my business plan. ;p

  5. ScareyJ Says:

    This is awful … look how confused they are about who’s food is who’s … stored in containers with clasp holding them shut; as opposed to an actual plate or real bowl. It screams of pet rock novelty …

    Who actually likes to wait for their luggage to come out? most people don’t, and now they’ve introduced everything people don’t like about a luggage terminal to the food industry. sigh. Soon enough, people will have tried the pet rock and it will fade away — again.

  6. joebob Says:

    @alexander. nice idea. but theres only 2 problems I can see.
    1#: people who dont have credit cards (teenagers like me) couldnt order from your menu.
    2#: the existing automated paying-thingys are slow, confusing, and just all around irriatating. I’d rather talk to a dumb employee who gets my order wrong, then a robot who I have to go through 97 and 1/2 steps with just to get a freeckin whopper.

    thats all I’ve got to say about that.

  7. kayne001 Says:

    great idea, bad implentation

    needs linux

  8. shadowind Says:

    thats cool but it has problems.
    the food and drinks could potentialy be served, cooked, ordered, all perpared all by robots. a train could travel around delivering drinks and food to the different booths. to show what booth it could have a digital readout display saying what booth its going to. it could even make multiple stops and have listed whos food is whos and at what booth. food could be made perfect every time and to the customers specification. a touchscreen could be used for ordering. it could be kept pretty simple with the correct programing. I would probally make it a pizza joint. some type of conveyer belt oven might work. use premade dough, either in a package or made by a robot(second option might be more difficult). robotic arms for topings and other ingredents. then loaded onto the styleish train and delivered. video games could be located in the booths or in some of them so they can play while they wait. also music and maby even an arcade, old style, classic style could, along with a window for watching the robots work in the kitchen, would bring in more customers and more money.

    work done by humans in this restruant would be security, costomer service, keeping care of the robots(keeping them working and clean) and someone to keep the food loaded correctly in their proper bins and refigerators so that the robots can use them. i think one or two people could do this, so instead of paying 5 people for an 8 hour shift and having 15 or so people you have like 6 to pay. it would have a high start up cost, but it might have a low matainace cost and less money would be spent on paying employees. also it would have an attractiveness to it most likly becuse of it being so cool.

    what you think?

  9. wyldwizard Says:

    An out-of-the-box novel idea to grab the customers’ attention and it is creativity in motion …wonder if there is a Service Charge levied …

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