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August 30, 2007

Youscope Oscilloscope Graphics Demo

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Check out this Youscope Oscilloscope Graphics Demo More impressive when you learn that a 15 year old made the demo!

“A demo using an oscilloscope to display something. It was third in assembly 2007 shortfilm compo, and won altparty’s most original entry prize.

The oscilloscope is connected to PC soundcard and is in X/Y-mode, with right channel connected to X and left to Y input.”

Via: Make


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10 Responses to “Youscope Oscilloscope Graphics Demo”

  1. Nil Says:


  2. Nil Says:

    I wet myself!
    this demo rocks!

    che strafigataaaaaa!
    minchia, vado a casa e lo provo…!

  3. joebob Says:

    it would have been soooo much cooler if i was high.

  4. engineering Says:

    very easy method & simple also …ocsilloscope has also clear view of display…why demo?better marketing…..)

  5. TugaTronica : Osciloscópio Gráfico Youscope Says:

    […] Há coincidências felizes, acabo de escrever um post sobre uma t-shirt que mostra o ritmo da música que a pessoa está a ouvir e agora encontro um vídeo espectacular no HackedGadgets. […]

  6. Lawrence Says:

    Many thanks for sharing your wonderful work. You have an astounding mind and a playful spirit. Please use these gifts for peaceful purposes.

  7. elektronika Says:


  8. grubi Says:

    cool! I suppose it is combined from oscilloscope and green laser scener, or I am wrong?

  9. ScareyJ Says:

    Very nice … I used to love following some of the older graphics competitions pre-GPUs. Nice to see something different applied … very good!

  10. Zta Says:

    Clever! You should’ve added the sound as background music while the demo was playing =)

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