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August 29, 2007

DIY Night Vision

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Funditor shows us how to make a DIY night vision system using a large flashlight, some colored plastic discs and an old digital camera. The result is an invisible spotlight that will allow you to see what the light is pointed at using the camera. High power IR LEDs could also be used but would cost a bit more.


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17 Responses to “DIY Night Vision”

  1. joebob Says:


  2. joebob Says:

    that is cool. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    you stop using my name you little monkey.

  3. Adrian Says:

    I bet the flashlight is visible from kilometers away

  4. Mark Connor Says:

    Why would the flashlight be visible kilometers away? It emits only infrared light and as such, everything remains entirely dark. I’ve built this – I know.

  5. Mitten Says:

    I doubt those cellophane discs he used are Congo Blue and Primary Red.

    Even then, visable light could still come through the lens, with a X,000,000 candela spot light like that.

    Its like those infrared goggles that you make out of welding goggles.

  6. Weiss Says:

    “Its like those infrared goggles that you make out of welding goggles.”
    Do you godt at link to those??

  7. Mitten Says:


    Enjoy your damaged retina.

  8. pryoplasm Says:

    seen something similar to this, only for a webcam, used a piece of exposed film for the filter on the camera, and took a IR led out of an old tv remote….not more than a few bucks and worked pretty good

  9. Question Man Says:

    So if you made the infrared goggles I would assume you would be able to see the flashlight infrared light without a camera but no one else. Right?

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Interesting idea Question Man, but I don’t think it would work since no mater what lenses are placed in the goggles our eye can’t see that spectrum of light. I wonder if there is something passive that can shift the light spectrum?

  11. Berbinator Says:

    Question Man, you are correct. Alan, they actually do work. The reason being that the photoreceptors (basically the digital chip that translates the light into a pixelated image) on most digital cameras actually CAN pick up some parts (I think the extreme low end) of the IR spectrum the filter merely removes it (I believe it is due to something about intereference with the digital image quality) however the photoreceptor picks up the IR light it “sees” and translates it into digital impulses which are interpreted and then displayed as visible light on the LCD screen.

    Now as far as the flashlight goes, dunno if a screen could cut out all visible light without imparing the IR output, but virtually EVERY light source generates Infared radiation some more than others even flashlights do. However without some kind of special polarizing films or something I don’t know if you cover the light and still have a sufficient IR output to illuminate your surroundings.
    Hope this helps, a little foggy on the details, its been awhile since I’ve read up about this.

  12. Dakota Says:

    i have forbing this for studying this for a while because I believe that you could implement this in scopes one setup is mount surefire flashlights with celophane do the same to a scope
    set lights up on side and see if it works if someone knows if it works it would help night vision scopes cost 1,000 on the cheap end

  13. Dakota Says:

    sorry about spelling earlier just skip first five words

  14. Dakota Says:

    hey who has made those welding glases u can test in dark room with remote please test and say how well it worked pics would be great

  15. Gadget Freak » Blog Archive » Do It Yourself Night Vision Says:

    […] the hacked gadgets files – check out this do it yourself night vision system which uses a large flashlight, some colored plastic discs and an old digital camera. This is a heck […]

  16. Skye-hook Says:

    This is NOT like the night-vision goggles! You won’t burn your eyes! That’s the thing about the camera- you look at it only through the cameras screen! Very different than the goggles! AND with this, you have a light, the goggles don’t, so you can’t see nearly as much.

  17. ABC Says:

    Can u see it with your eye through the goggles if not then whats the point?

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