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August 27, 2007

Jet Car

at 5:03 am. Filed under Insane Equipment

The Jet Car looks like a cool futuristic car that you can buy today. Now if I only had an extra $100 thousand laying around…

Video after the jump.

“For sporty driver we also offer two Sport versions. You can choose between Jetcar Sport I with an engine power of 45 KW (62 PS) and the Jetcar Sport II with an engine power of 60 KW (82 PS). Both are driven by a 3-cylinder gasoline motor. The design of the internal space will communicate the experience of flying because of an expanded front shield as well as edgewise and backwardly extended side shields. In addition, the occupants are seated in spacious and ergonomically designed seats. All instruments are situated within the field of view of the driver, providing for optimal visual and sensory contact.”