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August 20, 2007

Arduino POV

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Carlo has put his Arduino microcontroller to work as a POV device. Anyone interested in making their own can download the sample code that he is providing.

“This is my first attempt to create a persistence of vision (POV) display using the Arduino. The ultimate goal is to mount it on my bike wheel and have it display nice things while I ride. But, for now, it consist of an array of 6 LEDs mounted on a turning rig I made From scrap material. The LEDs are directly connected to the pins 2 to 7 of the Arduino and their current is limited by the resistors. The entire circuit is powered by the 9V battery.”


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2 Responses to “Arduino POV”

  1. enjoyna.com » Blog Archive » Two iPhone apps’ concept design Says:

    […] There are many hardware implementations of POV, such as Arduino POV. […]

  2. arduino! « il blog di Carlo Says:

    […] trovano in rete alcuni divertenti esempi di sistemi progettati con arduino, come ratb0t, arduino-pov o questo, per interfacciare web e cellulari; i curiosi ne possono trovare altri su HackedGadgets o […]

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