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August 19, 2007

DIY Telit GM862-GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Nick from the Digital Dawg Pound just made a cool Telit GM862-GPS Vehicle Tracker using this Spark Fun module. Code is provided on the site if you are feeling energetic.

“The GM862-GPS is a hardware module with support for connecting to the GSM (mobile phone) network and receiving GPS position data. It also includes a Python interpreter, this combination makes it the perfect choice for building a tracker. After setting up a suitable development environment the next thing to do is write the code. I chose to use SMS messages as a transport mechanism. The process works as follows: A mobile phone is used to send an SMS to the GM862. The GM862 checks for new messages every 10 seconds, on finding one it checks the password, and parses out the command, if it recognises a request for a position, it sends the position back to the sender of the message, then deletes the message.”


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13 Responses to “DIY Telit GM862-GPS Vehicle Tracker”

  1. engineering Says:

    Once your stolen car, the percentage of chances to find it is relatively restricted because a third of the catch vehicles disappears definitively and this proportion increases regularly. To facilitate the chances to find your dear car, here the new system will be useful.
    However some very important point it misses that the distance of stolen cars it couuld track….where normally other tracker can track 3 meters & other point miss is about the requirement of any particular modification…..?

    but is realy very modern tracker depending on mobile system…an independent of system GSM and other public networks,…& easily portable…oh other is frequent time alraming after 10 second…..

  2. NGinuity Says:

    I’m looking to build an APRS tracker along these lines…..

    I have a GPS module that I got off of Ebay for $1. Now only if I can figure out the pinout.

  3. elektronika Says:

    I’ve made the same thing on my webpage, besides GPS functions, it has 8 sensor inputs and 8 relay outputs that you can controll via SMS messages. I posted only pictures so far so you can check them out 🙂

  4. wizardPC Says:

    I’m very impressed at the level of skill needed to conjure this up, but as far as the end result?


    A $30 prepaid BOOST phone, with mologogo free software, will do the same thing with less hassle.

    Not at all trying to knock the accomplishment, but it’s kind of like spending hundreds of dollars
    and many manhours to build an Xbox, when you could just go buy one off craigslist for $60.

  5. ZS6CEY Says:

    Hi NGinuity,

    I made a APRS tracker using the Telit EZ10 module which uses the GM862 module. Take a look at my website, and I can forward you what I have done.

  6. Trenade Says:

    I am building a tracker using the GM862-GPS chip. I need help with deisgn a PCB? Need to save costs as far as possible. Do I just follow the pinout connectors given in the Hardware User Guide?

  7. Trenade Says:

    mail me at trenade@gmail.com

  8. Meff Says:

    Trenade, what about to use this PCB:
    AarLogic C05/3:
    * GE863-GPS LP
    * Python engine (licence free)
    * SIM card holder
    * 2x UFL plugs (GPS/GSM)
    * PSU 6.0-32.0 Volts DS
    * RS232 @ +/- 12 Volt and CMOS
    * ready LiPo battery charging circuit
    * Size: 56.4 x 84.5 mm
    It is supported by source code in Python for the test server of GPS tracking applications http://www.track4free.com .
    By wiring the GSM GPS module to your car with cigarette light cable, you get a working tracking device. By developing a small and simple adapter PCB to the dimensions of your enclosure you get your own unique GPS tracking device. If you replace the GPS module, then you get a PCB for burglar alarm system or any other telemetry application.

  9. dans Says:

    Hi do you have a copy of the asm code for the pic and a schematic, i would realy like to build this project and mod the code.


  10. dans Says:

    Ps my email address is danbicks@yahoo.co.uk

  11. Tim ZS2X Says:

    Hi All, Andy’s (ZS6CEY) system works great. Use it myself. What i would like aditional is a function to send the EZ10 a sms and the EZ10 sends a sms back to the cellphone with a text containing the location of the unit. Would anyone be able to help me?
    PS my email is tmj@epweb.co.za

  12. Katrina Says:

    Very much interested in your GPS design. I’m planing to send up a weather ballon soon and need a way to track it. It’s going to have an onboard PC, GPS & Digital Camera.

    Thanks, Katrina

  13. BaKu Says:

    how did you powering the circuit.

    Please help me, I’m doing final project

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