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August 17, 2007

Automated Cat Litter Box – Cat Genie

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I thought I had seen it all, have a look at this automated cat litter box. It actually gets connected to the water supply of your house and dumps the waste into the house sewer system. Video after the jump.
"CatGenie, the world’s only automatic cat box that automatically flushes, washes and dries. With CatGenie Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box never touch, change, smell or buy cat litter again. Includes 2 SaniSolution cartridges and 2 packs of Granules The CatGenie Secret? Washable Granules, not litter. Collecting cat waste in a box of litter is unsanitary. Cleaning the mess out is unpleasant. To satisfy a cat’s need to dig and cover, CatGenie uses comfy, permanent Washable Granules instead of disposable litter. To cats, it’s just like using a clean litter box. CatGenie is more than a cat toilet it’s a modern appliance. Every day, it automatically flushes just cat waste completely out of the home. Then washes itself clean. You never scoop, touch or change litter. CatGenie is cat sanitation that is as clean as a cat."
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44 Responses to “Automated Cat Litter Box – Cat Genie”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Um… it doesn’t look like it works well… seems a bit loud too…
    Just train your cat to use the toilet like a normal person
    Cats are people to

  2. David Bue Pedersen Says:

    I know that it wouldn’t work with my cat! It would be scared of it!

  3. engineering Says:

    it will really useful for my pussy cats…actualy my daughter just told yesterday for her cats box…& i am looking for that one…automatic box….thanks for video also which will help to take decission more confidently

  4. Scrappy Says:

    Hmmm, from the video, it seems it separates the litter from the waste, and then throws the waste back into the box!

  5. Tech Digest Says:

    Cat Genie: completely automated, plumbed in toilet for your feline friend

    Anyone who has owned a house-trained cat — in other words, one that doesn’t do all its business outside in next-door’s garden — will know the true joy of changing cat litter.

    Enter the “Cat Genie” automated cat litter box, which sounds like th…

  6. Funny Computer Gadgets - CyberNet News Says:

    […] Sources: Dark Roasted Blend, Hacked Gadgets, Das Keyboard […]

  7. Vincent Says:

    that would scare the crap outr of my cat. but i guess thats what its for so it can scoop up the scared crap lol

  8. pheelgood Says:

    We own one and the cats (2) use it, but the bowl is so small that once one cat “poops” in it the other cat ends up pooping on the floor. There needs to be a hack to have the unit go through a scoop cycle everytime it “sees” (there is a sensor to sense the cat is in the bowl so it will not start a cleaning cycle) the cat leave.

  9. Casey Says:

    I’ll admit I was skeptical, but it handles all 3 of my cats fine. It scoops the poo into a “blender” type box in the back and actually uses a blade and the water to make solids go through the drain pipe. So far it’s handled both very solid and very liquid waste perfectly. I’d run my hand through the recently used litter after the machine has been run, it is clean and dry.

  10. Ali Dickson Says:

    I have one of these CatGenie’s, and it is AWESOME!! Works just like they say it does. (I actually get a kick out of watching it do its thing!) And it is not noisy. You hear water coming into the bowl and out the drain pipe 3 times, sounds just like your washing machine. The only other noise is the dryer fan, which is a soft purr. Nothing for your kitties to fear! Mine were using it within an hour of setting it up.

  11. BRANDON Says:


  12. Theresa Says:

    I thought I’d find HACKS here since the web site is called hacked gadgets….didn’t realize it was a place running ads for CatGenie.

    Having said that I love my CG. From what I have read on litterbox-central.com the impeller clogs if you have a long hair cat like a maine coon.

    I have two bengals and I wouldn’t trade my cg for the world.

  13. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for the comment. This isn’t an add, we often feature strange products. This is one of those products that at first glance looks like it was designed and built by the crazy scientist who is tired of performing mundane cat maintenance… 🙂

  14. matt Says:

    This article stinks, try posting something worthwhile like hacking the solution chip!

  15. Tom Says:

    I have this also. One word. Awesome! Set it up and every 5-6 weeks change out the solution (it gives you warnings its getting low and out). My two cats were over the newness in one day. Now they sit and wait for it to be done because they love the warm “litter” (from the drying cycle) and jump in and use it EVERY day right after its done. It senses if there is a cat in it if its to start a cycle and waits until the cat is done. HIGHLY recommended.

    PS would love a hack to the solution chip though.

  16. Dan Dykens Says:

    This is cool and I like it alot however check out this coolest litterbox concept that is simple.


    If you have ever thought your old litter box could use its very own room, now you can put it in its very own house. The Litter House is a fully enclosed litter box that adds warmth and charm to any room in your home. The Litter House assembles in minutes with no tools required. A unique all around lip reduces litter andmessy spills. The ½ inch walk way collects litter from your cat’s paws. It even includes an odor blocking charcoal filter in the chimney. The Litter House has handles disguised as gable vents making litter scooping simple. Reusing spilt litter has never been easier. Your order even includes three window style options Hearts, Fun, and Modern design stickers. The Litter House has 12 plastic pieces that simply click together. Assembly instructions are provided. The overall house size in inches is 25L x 17W x 25H. Pan Area in inches 16.5W x 17L x 6H. The Litter House a fully enclosed unique and antique litter box you will be proud to own.

  17. mrbenz7 Says:

    I’m soory I got this thing already. It’s Made in China which means it arrived broken right out of the box. Not physically damaged mind you, but the smart chip feature does not work properly and After plumbing it in, now I find myself waiting for replacement parts and I haven’t even had a chance to let my cats use it even once. This smart chip is a lousy idea and if I knew the operation of this unit was so dependent on it, I never would have bought it!

  18. sylvia Says:

    Love the genies, have several of them for my 12 cats … but PLEASE PLEASE someone figure out a way around the “smart chip” ! Hate to just throw away all those big plastic sani solution cartridges!

  19. audrey Says:

    I’ve got two of these so I have a spare when one goes crazy. I’ve had problems with the sensors that tell the Genie when the water is at the right height – it gets confused and then the horrible beeping begins – and never ends. My cats love the darn box though. I’ve had two of the control units replaced so far and I would absolutely LOVE to get past that solution sensor problem. I have noticed that you can dilute your solution and still have everything work. Unfortunately it is not much dilution 4 parts solution – 1 part water.

  20. Kara Says:

    Who could ask for a cooler product hey? Automatic cat box cleaner!

    Thanks for this!

  21. js Says:

    Has anyone had a prob. w/ overflow?? Is it the water level indicator?? It’s sitting in the bathroom filled w/, and ready to overflow w/, water right now. How do I fix it without more flooding?! Thanks!

  22. Duane Says:

    Now that I have had this for awhile, I can give my honest opinion about it. First, it’s not worth $369.00! I still have to use a cat box because one of my cats doesn’t like the cat Genie. Second, it has it’s share of problems. One of them being it will keep beeping 3 times meaning that there is a problem with it draining, yet it never flooded and works good and I have taken it apart and cleaned it more than once. Something is wrong with the water level sensor. Third, It hasn’t really saved me any time. I’ve still had to keep adding granules faster than what Cat Genie claimed and I still have a cat box, so what’s the point? Fourth, it clogs easily on cat hair and when it does it will not drain and if you have flooding problems, that would be my guess! You have no choice but to take it apart and try to put an electric drill on the pump shaft rubber foot and try to pump the water out that way and then take a look and see what is going on.

    Altogether I have come to the conclusion that since the cat litter box was the only thing that really worked, I could have bought a lot of cat litter for $370.00! If anyone reading this is thinking of getting one of these, I would pass for the reasons I mentioned above.

  23. Tom Says:

    If you are having the 3 beeps problem…. I found cleaning the plastic level sensor. It looks like to clear plastic rods connected at a V at the bottom. As far as auger problems… GO TO THE CAT GENIE WEBSITE. You can get the new design impeller for $1.00. I guess they got enough complaints an designed a new one and you can order a new one. My cat genie has had no issues to speak of since replacing the impeller. Its a whole new impeller unit not just the impeller itself. Great fix! Much better operation. For those that are computer savvy, there is a way to reset the smart chip on your sani solution and refill with similar solution of your choosing that will kill bacteria. http://www.instructables.com/id/CatGenie_Resetting_a_SaniSolution_Cartridge/ has a step by step process to reset and refill your sani solution. I have yet to find a replacement for granules. I used to work in the plastics industry and if I remember correctly, plastic resin pellets are almost the exact same size. If you know of someone that works at a plastic part manufacturing plant ask them to bring home a handful of plastic resin pellets and compare sizes. If Im correct you can get them MUCH more affordably. On that instructables site there is also a fix for keeping granules in the bowl. Hopefully I have passed on some of my research that can be of help of other cat genie owners.

  24. OTC Eczema Says:

    i would just worry the noise would free my cats out and they would start going in outside the box. I definitely like the idea though. very cool. Just need to make it quieter.

  25. Kathy Says:

    Well, I love my Cat Genie…my cats do, too. It does have it’s problems, but the only one I really can’t deal with is the cartidge issue. I need a way to disconnect the darn thing so it will work without it. I don’t use the auto setting because of possible clogs so I have no problem just dumping cleaner directly into the bowl and hitting the button. The cartridges are expensive and I have had to replace the whole “brain unit” because of the sensor useing too much, emptying a cartridge in 3 washings, and now it’s doing it again. Times like these, I need to cut costs everywhere possible.

  26. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Seems like that cartridge is the way they make perpetual money (just like the printer companies with their over priced ink cartridges). Looks like there are ways to work around it but they are not simple. Have a look at this site for some details.

  27. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Alan, I have seen the refill/reset suggestion before. I figured out the refill part a long time ago, but the reset is way beyond my skills and wouldn’t work anyway as I would have to do it every couple days because the sensor dumps too much cleaner per cycle. I get maybe 7-10 washings and it starts beeping and is empty. It does seem to sense empty as well as the counter thing. I really don’t get it. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I just need to know what wire to cut,


  28. Peter Says:

    We’ve had one for a year now and it’s amazing, the litter scatters a bit but it’s a small price to pay to never clean the thing…

  29. Mindy Says:

    I have had the cat genie for about 8 months now. The best investment I ever made. If your having problems with the draining and it is beeping 3 times, you probably have the end of the drain hose pinched a bit. When I put it in the drain with my washing machine they both fit, but it put enough pressure on the end of the hose to not let it drain fast enough. In canada our drains for our washers are I believe a half inch smaller than the building code in the us. So I just added a joint to make it wider, worked like a charm. The litter box is way quieter than any of the automatic scooping litter boxes, I had 2 others and they were all obour $300.00 and both broke in under a year. They would get clogged very easily with the clay clumping cat litter and you still had to touch it all, plus buy special recepticles and airfilters to keep them running. This actually ended up much cheaper. With 1 cat the original supplies are ending up lasting close to a year!

  30. April Says:

    For those having problems with clogging most previous problems have been fixed with the new Powerflusher system. Units purchased after June 1st 2008 already have the new system. The Turbo Hooper breaks down tough debris and cuts through cat hair eliminating problems with clogging; this is especially helpful if you have a long haired cat. If you own the older version you can purchase the new TurboHopper at http://www.catgenie.com/store/client/product/?id=101 for less than 10 dollars. You should also take it apart and clean it every few months to prevent it from clogging. Ill take cleaning it every few months over scooping litter every day.

  31. April Says:

    The NEW CatGenie 120 is now available!

  32. powers Says:

    I begged my husband and family to buy the Cat Genie they installed and did as was instructed but all eight cats at three separate homes of various ages and breed, some older and one a new kitten all refused to use the genie. One older cat used it for awhile but stopped. The product has other troubles. It makes the toilet filthy and even though the granules may be smell proof the tubes etc are not and have a distinct odor which may have caused the cats to not use. The hose should be made so that a lady cannot feel squishy while using the toilet. The granules get tacked throughout the house and putting down track rug cause accidents. They have a warranty for ninety days but my family felt that they should strive to get cats to use it. I took one home to my house to try on my cats and followed instructions. I installed to washing machine plumbing. Again cats didn’t use and urinated on sides rather than enter, the smell on the porch was really bad. We spent close to a thousand dollars for the products and feel very disappointed. I think how silly I was to convince them to spend such a great deal of money and have all us end up back with a simple silica gel litter made by Makall http://www.silica-gel.com/en/productlist.asp?tid=7 at less than three dollars a month for a bag which several cats use and urine evaporates from and really works as well as being very light before and after use.
    For years I had tried to invent a self cleaning litter box and had so hoped the Cat Genie would work. Not worth it

  33. CatGenie Reviews Says:

    The new CatGenie takes care of many of the issues, such as the impeller and water level sensor.

  34. Tom Says:

    This works great. I plumbed it with a separate drain pipe and supply hose. My cat seems to love it. It is much better than dealing with cat litter on a weekly basis. Someone else said “Cats are people too!” I agree, but this provides them with their own toilet.

  35. Flooded Says:

    Well, we got our Cat Genie in June 09 and had many problems, most related to water pressure. Cat Genie finally installed a pump to boost the pressure. We had several problems with the control unit, lots of beeps. We had an overfl;ow once when the bowl filled and kept pumping. Cat Genie said it was because they had removed some washer to make the water flow better, but I think it was a fault in the unit. Then, while we were away it was put on automatic. It did not start as the manual said it would but it had to be left in the hope it would work. Well about 12 hours later it did start up then failed during the first fill cycle and having a booster pump it kept pumping, flooding the apartment and the two apartments downstairs. Several thousands in damage. Anyone else had such problems? Would appreciate any replies as this matter will most likely end up in court.

  36. chuck Says:

    Bought a CatGenie 120 in mid-January.
    Bad control unit (bad solenoid in the water release valve–which I discovered AFTER I had 2 of 4 cats using it.)

    Finally got it installed in mid-February with a functional control unit.

    All four cats (14,13,5,1) took to it fairly rapidly once their litter boxes got filthy. (Not difficult, since I’m notoriously awful about remembering to clean them.)

    No problems since, so far.

    I do have (and have submitted to Petnovations) several small beefs:type size on the controls, tends to leave a turd in the middle when scooping, noise and most important, the built-in 10 hour ‘off’ cycle in the automatic mode. The last is why I am here–searching for a way to hack the code ROM in the unit. Being able to do that would permit you to use the CatGenie to automatically or on command reset the cartridges in addition to changing other aspects of the programming.

    I’ve suggested that they consult an acoustical engineer about the noise, which I believe is amplified by the hollow plastic shell and which I think some minor thickness changes could damp out.

    Mine is installed in a bathroom with a tile floor and drain and I have an electronic water alarm on the floor beside it, so I’m less worried about overflows.

    I am going to take a look at how the reservoir is shaped under the rotating bowl, as I am hoping that the water use can be reduced.

    I’m waiting for the plastic pellets to go away to see if the cats will use it w/o them, since if they will, it will be much cheaper, and I could eliminate the drying cycle, which is the big power user.

    If I can do that, I will probably find a way to attach a plastic scrubbie to the underside of the scoop, and, of course, I’d love to reprogram the controller.

    The drying cycle is easy to eliminate merely by disconnecting the drying unit from it’s power or the relay.

    One thing which I’d try if I could reprogram it is to add a sensor for turds that get scooped, and modify the cycle so that it only runs the disinfectant cycle 1-2x per day, rather than every time it runs. The urine mostly runs through the pellets, since they’re hydrophobic, and the wash/rinse/disinfect cycle takes such a long time that it ties up the box, reducing the number of cats which can easily use it.

    Since my regular litterboxes got disinfected 2x per year….

    My goals are:

    Reduce/eliminate pellet use so the dryer isn’t needed, saving 120 Whr per operation.

    Refill sanitiser cartridges (or cobble up a replacement reservoir.)

    Reduce sanitiser usage.

    Reduce water use/find a way to use greywater/rainwater.

    Reduce operation time.

    Reduce noise.

  37. PC Says:

    Bought a Cat Genie July 2010.
    Cat Genie does not remove all turds from the bowl resulting in a VERY stinky house.
    Apparently, it is quite easy for turds to get near the center of the bowl during the scooping phase and the scooper is simply unable to get these – middle of the bowl turds.
    Worse yet, as the littler is blow dryed on the next cycle, these turds then become dislodged and end up behind the scooper and wedged between the scooper and the bowl, which slowly spins and tends to SMEAR feces along the entire perimeter of the bowl.
    The result is that when the CG gets to the DRY cycle, it blows heated air over these turds the turd smear along the bowl and the whole house quickly becomes offensive. We called CG tech support and not surprisingly, they claimed it was a very rare occurrence and there was nothing that could be done. After it happened the first time, we had hoped the tech was correct and it would rarely happen but our new Cat Genie leaves turds in the bowl almost every time.
    We’re sending this one back hoping that maybe it is a defective unit and will try one more time. The smell of heated Cat dung throughout the house is not acceptable. Even to the most avid cat lovers. If this is typical of all new Cat Genies, we’re not sure how people deal with this. My wife and I are VERY tolerant because we love our cats dearly. We even discussed running it several hours before we eat dinner so that the odor is gone by dinner time but it’s just too much. in our opinion, this is a deal breaker.

  38. Flooded Says:

    Yes, had the same issue from time to time, but not often. Also happens when the faeces is in the left rear quadrant (when facing the bowl), in this case the scooper comes down on top of the faeces smearing them out under the scoop. I still won’t use mine in auto mode. Don’t want another flood. Nine months down track and still not resolved. 8,000 pounds of damage so this will probably end up in court.

  39. Kathy Says:

    I have been doing OK with mine now (knock wood) but I’m not using it as intended.
    I now scoop the poop and I haven’t had a clog since. It drastically reduced any unpleasant odors while it’s cleaning. I also don’t have to run it as often…maybe once a day for two cats…though they do go outside (the house) often, too.
    Mine does seem to overheat during the dry cycle at times and will go to error beeps, but if I unplug it, it resets and is fine.
    This also may not be due to the heat, but could be due to the washer shaking it when it spins as mine is on top of it.
    Every couple of cleanings, during the wash cycle, I dump about a 1/4 cup (or more) of bleach in the bowl and it keeps it fresh smelling.
    I did have my cats using it without the litter, but then they had a few accidents. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the litter, though. I did add some just in case. Tracking is bad, though.
    Really, I think it’s just my old kitty…getting older 🙁
    I would never trust the auto cycle…and since I scoop the poop that wouldn’t work for me anyway.
    I wouldn’t hook it up to my toilet either…that would be too gross having the mess sit in here till it got flushed.
    Anyway, even with having to scoop the poop I still like this better than any other litter bowl arrangment I have ever used.
    My major complaint remains that it can’t be run without the darn expensive cartridge replacements…

  40. chu Says:

    My first one is now 5 months, and while I had a small problem with a small turd getting caught in the center, I have not had a repeat.

    Still, I’m not sure that the drying cycle really helps that much–I’d rather be able to run auto 24/7 w/o the 10hr break, and let the thing air dry/drain.

    Neither the bowl nor the pellets hold much water, it beads and drains quite quickly, but even when it works perfectly, heating the bowl and blowing the scent around is a problem–I’m thinking that I’ll attach it to an exhaust vent. Even when it was just the scent of the sanitizer….

    Especially since I need another one to handle the 10hr gap and an additional cat.

    I have not added any pellets since purchasing it, and there are maybe 1/3 of them left at this point, still hoping that the cats will still use it w/o the pellets.

  41. Aimao Says:

    My CatGenie would not turn to sleep mode after 14 hours of active mode. I called and got the first replacement unit which would NOT sense my cat using CatGenie, so I returned it. I got the second replacement unit which will not turn to sleep mode unless my cat uses it, then it turns to sleep mode without cleaning it first. When I called CatGenie the third time, they said that I have tempered with the first replacement unit and voided my warranty. I never tempered or removed any seal they were talking about. It was a bad unit which was sent to me. I have already trained my cats using CatGenie, so I stuck with it. I also stuck with the second replacement unit which won’t go to sleep mood. Do anyone have the same problem with sleep/active mode setting? If so, please help me. CatGenie will not help me unless I buy another brand new unit.

  42. Everi Says:

    Video is of very old model. Control box, cleaning cartridge, scoop design all different with my new model. Love it.

  43. doudoune moncler usa Says:

    Il y aura aussi des dizaines de groupes de performance, des ballons de nouveauté et même le Père No?l devrait faire une apparition.

  44. bard Says:

    you all need a life talking about cat shit all the time

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