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August 15, 2007

iFrame – Laptop Digital Picture Frame

at 12:42 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks

The iFrame by Jake Durrett is a nice example of a picture frame that can do it all!
"For the past year or so, I have been working to perfect a digital jukebox to manage all my media. I first started out with just an old eMac plugged in under a table, where I would use Apple Remote Desktop to control iTunes. There was something I really didn’t like about the setup though, and I kept on thinking there was something I could make that would be way cooler. I had these requirements though if I was going to go all out: 1. The computer hosting my media needed to be hooked into my sound system. 2. The computer hosting needed to display video both on its built in display, and also mirror that video to all of my TVs. I love the iTunes visualizer, and having it on contantely proves to be very relaxing and chill. Plus, it is awesome for parties. 3. I needed to be able to control everything wirelessly from my Macbook Pro. I hate wires, but I love music. I wanted to be able to sit in my living room with my Macbook Pro without any wires, but control everything with one click without getting up. 4. It needed to be powerful enough to play DVDs, burn DL DVDs (I am a film maker), and pretty much anything else I didn’t want to make my Macbook Pro do. Then I got the idea, what about a picture frame! I had seen people take old laptops and turn them into digital picture frames, but I never saw one that retained all of its functionality."


If building a Digital Picture Frame is not your thing, checkout the latest digital frames from EDGE.