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August 14, 2007

Electric Chastity Belt – Dream Lover 2000

at 5:01 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks, Funny Hacks, What Were They Thinking

This is one electronic gadget that I don’t want anywhere near me! This Electric Chastity Belt is called the Dream Lover 2000. Have a look at some of the construction details and more videos of the creation.

Video after the jump.

“I have created an add-on to the CB-3000 chastity belt which can deliver an electric shock via a remote control. The philosophy behind it is that proper training can only be achieved through conditioning when negative feedback (punishment) is applied quickly in response to a misconduct. This is not intended as an instrument of pain but rather as an instrument of joy; it is a tool by which any man can become a perfect, Dream Lover for his girlfriend or wife, thus achieving harmony and love.”



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11 Responses to “Electric Chastity Belt – Dream Lover 2000”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Dude, Alan… tmi…

  2. Alex Says:

    That’s pretty pointless and more for a dog than a man ever. Why would you reinvent a doggy shock collar and then call it a chastity belt?

  3. zeroonezero Says:

    this is the biggest waste of my time today. seriously, why even bother posting this?

  4. Stern Warning Says:

    Seems dangerous…24 Volts is pretty low, but I didn’t see any measures to limit the potential for current…

    What happens if you sweat profusely (salt-water…)?

  5. bla Says:

    Stern has a point. This is really a medical application in term of technology used and actually quite complicated, too. If you want to try this at all (attaching electrodes to the human body can be very dangerous if your heart is part of the circuit (e.g. hand to leg)) you should stick to battery operated stuff only that’s commercially available. Like a tens unit or something (uses a small 9V battery which can draw only small amounts of current in case of a short circuit). Never apply a battery without some tens of ems converter, as this DC current will cause electrolysis and electrode poisoning.

  6. Dr. Dan Says:

    Something tells me the other reviewers don’t quite get it. I do, though. I think it’s brilliant and you could probably make a lot of money if you could perfect the system and make it marketable.

  7. scientist Says:

    actually if u think about it, the resistance of you skin is hundreds of thousands of ohms, even with salt water, lasserations and needles sticking into you 24V cant move any sort of deadly current across you, think of it, u need 40 volts to shove any reasonable amount of current accross even 4 ohms, the resistance from one side of your jaw to the other is about 10 million ohms… belive me 24V cant do jack…

  8. Simon Says:

    wow these look shocking definately gota be careful with one of those

  9. dreamloverlabs Says:

    We have moved this to the production stage.

    http://www.dreamloverlabs.com if you wish to be notified when we will be shipping this product.

  10. bob Says:

    24 volts is nothing, come back when you’ve been zapped with 7500 volts. Hurts like a BITCH!!!

  11. Maurizio Says:

    ‘m interested in your device. you can build one for me? How much does it cost? It indicates the method of payment if you build for me and I do the payment. I’m from Italy.

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