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August 10, 2007

Machine Gun With Everything

at 5:36 am. Filed under Funny Hacks

TechEBlog had one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Check out the Machine Gun With Everything! It is still missing a few things though, where is the cup holder, USB charger for the iPod, GPS unit… If anyone has more info about this unit I want to hear from you.


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24 Responses to “Machine Gun With Everything”

  1. Cobra Says:

    And more importantly… Where is the kitchen sink ?!?!

  2. nonentity Says:


  3. rifter Says:

    Ahh! I just love Photoshop!

  4. hash Says:

    Yes, but can it play Doom?

  5. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Old as the internets

  6. mrmeval Says:

    It’s not a gun it’s airsoft. If it were a gun it’s missing the bayonet. Pansy.

    The link at end shows the bayonet the government will give you with your M4 if you like playing in sand. The M7 Bayonet is good for opening soup cans and letters from home. I have kitchen knives that are bigger. Hell I can get sushi knives that are more dangerous.

    The longer bayonet is what you get when a soldier who is also a blacksmith decides they want something cool. It’s a 1914 Swiss engineers bayonet and the sawback blade works. It is expertly modified to fit the M4, M16 or the unpansified AR15. It will hack through brush, small trees, barbed wire stakes and enemy solders.


    Oh, he writes science fiction too.


  7. Morte Moya Says:

    It doesn’t need Doom or a kitchen sink. It needs a hotplate. Shooting people makes you hungry yah know. ROFLMAO

  8. abdullah Says:

    It isn’t a machine gun, it is a semi-automatic AR-15.

  9. brennan Says:

    this picture is older than the internet itself, srsly. but really i saw this like 3 years ago on a few different websites.

  10. Andreas Says:

    haha…. 🙂

    But i like the figurehead on the scope.

  11. bossman Says:

    that is like my toy surt gun and i dont think u could of photo shoped any more!!!!!!lmfao

  12. Asmir Says:

    Hah that is not ar-15 it is Car-15

  13. nosepicker Says:

    yes, photoshoped it is… hahahaha dont you just love that software??

  14. Ryan Says:

    I’d be way afraid of pulling the wrong trigger and not turning on the light

  15. HELLHELIUM Says:

    could’ve been real… 4 flash lights and a penkknife(with spoons forks and knife…)

  16. BHIO Says:

    I think it needs more attachments plus it is a real rifle mrmeval.

  17. sporkster Says:

    Aww, sweet! It has a Magpul!

  18. Perro Says:

    does it come with a cup holder?

  19. anonimo Says:

    a stupid montage!!!

  20. Paul C.Lalchungnunga Says:

    A Never Miss Gun….Nuam rem rem !!!

  21. kilacam Says:

    dat is some raw ass machine gun

  22. John Says:

    Holy s____t! Who the devil made this?

  23. john Says:

    sooo photoshoped, fake, rubbish, unrealistic, pointless

  24. john Says:

    then again it dose look cool

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