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August 9, 2007

Fonera Internet Controlled Switch

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Remember the FON routers that were being given away a few months ago? Cryptonoid has a project that would allow you to make a switch that can be controlled from anywhere on the internet. I wouldn’t suggest controlling 110AC with it though unless you use some isolation. Please read the comments, as I mentioned circuit isolation such as a relay should be used.

“I got my first FON router for free a couple of months ago. First thing i did was flash dd-wrt firmware on it. Since FONera router has gpio pins i decided to use one of those pins to control AC loads or turn a switch ON/OFF remotely. There’s a similar/better way of controlling AC loads – check out dd-wrt wiki. However, i only had one NPN transistor some resistors and leds. So i decided to build a small circuit that will turn a switch ON and OFF thru the Router’s Web Interface. Now i can turn anything ON/OFF from anywhere in the world…..”


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16 Responses to “Fonera Internet Controlled Switch”

  1. Bill Says:

    Please add a stronger health warning with that diagram. In the UK/Europe it would be leathal!

  2. mcchip Says:

    this circuit is totally stupid… you have 110V AC on the foneras ground !!!
    It will either kill your devices connected to the fonera or yourself if you touch it.

    switching AC with a transistor is no good idea either…

    i guess its a fake to ruin your hw

  3. Alexander Says:

    A relay that is controlled by the transistor would be a much safer solution…

  4. bla Says:

    Agree. You can not use a transistor like that. You should never do this. Use a led driven solid state relay instead. And don’t switch inductive loads like coils or motors, unless the solid state relay is rated for it.

  5. raven Says:

    Ok i understand that this is unsafe.if it is so bad submit your own idea.just sitting here griping about it doesn’t help anyone.

  6. dave Says:

    unsafe us an understatement…
    the circuit’s principal ent too far off though, replace the 2n3055 with a power triac, use some diodes such a 1n4004 or higher rated to get a ground reference from the mains etc and it should work

  7. Joe Says:

    Use an optocoupler to isolate the fonera and replace the transistor with a triac. If you use an optocoupler with a zero crossing triac driver and an R/C snubber you can also switch inductive loads. Actually I’m amazed the 2n3055 held up to that much voltage. Those things are tough.

  8. raven Says:

    see that’s alot better. i wish this place had a wiki like feature where things like this could be added to the story

  9. Reverend Jones Says:

    This is the proper way to control ac loads with the Fonera. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/LaFonera_Hardware_Controlling_AC-Loads
    Notice the use of optoisolaters and triacs.

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks to everyone who is looking out for safety and proper operation, your comments are really appreciated.

    Nice link Reverend Jones. 🙂

  11. wuh Says:

    holly hell someone is gonna die

  12. Dan Says:

    Nice! To bad i live in sweden and dont know a thing about this stuff, but i think this was a nice thing thow!

  13. meneame.net Says:

    Interruptor controlable desde internet a traves de la Fonera

    Te gustaria poder encender/apagar las luces de tu casa, la calefaccion, la lavadora…o cualquier otro aparato electrico…remotamente, por internet ?. Ahora ya es posible, gracias a una sencilla modificacion de la Fonera. Articulo en Ingles.

  14. mrmeval Says:

    Really dumb lethal idea.

  15. dan diemer Says:

    you forgot to put a spot in the diagram for someone to put their tongue on as the switch is activated.

  16. Phil Says:

    Ok i understand that this is unsafe.if it is so bad submit your own idea.just sitting here griping about it doesn’t help anyone.

    Actually, if their griping makes people aware how dangerous this is it IS ACTUALLY HELPING SOMEONE

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