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August 8, 2007

Webcam Astrocam – Telescope Camera

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I don’t own a telescope, but if I did, having a way to capture and share the images I was looking at would be fun to do. This Webcam Astrocam is a DIY Telescope Camera that could be built quite inexpensively.

“Here’s one of the many ways a webcam can be converted to a camera for a telescope. This is kind of an old mod but it shows pretty well the kind of things you would need to do. There is no limit on the design on these cameras, everybody pretty much goes their own way. You can check the web (places like QCUIAG ) for all kinds of links for designs and free software.”


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4 Responses to “Webcam Astrocam – Telescope Camera”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Well it doesn’t SOUND cheep, aside from the $5 digi cam and $5 worth of pvc

  2. Chris Rybitski Says:

    The narrator sounds like the same guy who built the huge Tesla coil in his garage.

  3. Morte Moya Says:

    Wow. That is a really nice.

  4. Oaky McCloskey Says:

    That’s pretty cool. What is the the name of the white pads that you used to cool the the long-exposure-astro-cam???

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