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August 4, 2007

Embedded Linux Router Hacked for Sprinkler Control

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Why buy a sprinkler controller when you can make your own. And if you are making your own anyway, might as well make the DIY Sprinkler Controller better than any off the shelf models available. At least that is what Arek Jankowski decided to do!

“Arek combines a wireless router, NAS, and a USB Bit Whacker to take control of his sprinkler system. Reflash the router and NAS with linux, add some PHP and USB controlled phototriacs to the sprinkler controller and control it all from the comfort of your PC. I wanted to have a way of controlling both systems from my PC. The idea was to create something that would allow me to remotely turn on and off the sprinklers for each zone without going down to the basement to set it up on the Hunter controller or without going down to the garage to open the faucet. I have a wireless access point set up in the house for my wife’s laptop and this is what I also used in this project. The project involved hardware, software and a little bit of plumbing work. Below I will describe what I did to get this all working.”


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10 Responses to “Embedded Linux Router Hacked for Sprinkler Control”

  1. Andy Says:

    Nice hack – the device in question isn’t a router though, it’s a Linksys NSLU2, a network attached storage device (NAS). You’re supposed to plug USB drives into it and have it share them over the network.

    Thanks to http://www.nslu2-linux.org/ it’s easy to stick Debian (or a variety of other distros, including one based on the original Linksys firmware) on these things. I use one running UnSlung and CUPS as a print server at home, and it’s great – everyone should have one, hack potential 110% 🙂

  2. lifekludger » Lifekludger Links Weekly #27 Says:

    […] Embedded Linux Router Hacked for Sprinkler Control […]

  3. George Says:

    So, where’s the description?

  4. George Says:

    Sorry, I found it. With so many stupid popups on doesn’t know which one might be the link!?

  5. enville Says:

    grate plan , how can i do it.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Enville,

    Here it is:

  7. Mark Cardarelli Says:

    Why hack a homemade controller together when you can by PC controlled irrigation systems? Check out Irritrol.com and the “PC Control” timer. Comes with everything you need, less the soldering burns!

  8. Linux Firewall Says:

    Why you do this? Linux router is more useful thing rather then any controller 🙂

  9. jim Says:

    If you want to create software for irrigation control but don’t necessarily want to build the hardware, here is a valve controller with an Ethernet port:

    (or search “EtherRain). Have fun!


  10. Sprinkler Project « Linux Sagas Says:

    […] Embedded Linux Router Hacked for Sprinkler Controller […]

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