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August 3, 2007

Top 5 Brake Light Hacks

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I am not sure how legal these break light and tail light hacks are but they sure look great. Check with your local police department before installing this type of equipment, or install a switch to go from stock to cool.



“My 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse LED taillight conversion with 7-segment sequential turn signals and sequential brake lights. All custom built.”



Sequential tail lights on an Impala.



“Want to be different, Tired of having the same thing as everyone else. Really tired of pulling up next to those Rice Burners and seeing all that crazy stuff they have but not being able to find ANYTHING for your STANG. GUESS WHAT. We have something they can’t have. Why, because you must have three tail lights per side for it to work and your STANG comes factory with them.”



“Demo of flashing LED brake lamps on a Chrysler 300C CRD”



“The light is basically a dot-matrix display consisting of 5 rows with 10 dots per row. Resulting 50 dots (LEDs) can produce pretty bright light. They also can display directional light patterns such as arrows repeating the signals after turn signals, or short scrolling messages.

The light is controlled by a script, which can be changed by the user. This light has RS-232 interface. All my later projects use USB connectivity. This one was the first implementation of my idea about an updatable tail light. So I tried to make it as cheap and simple as possible. “


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14 Responses to “Top 5 Brake Light Hacks”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Most, if not all of these, are illegal in Ohio. I have been asking for YEARS for break lights that would show the intensity of how hard you are breaking…

  2. Chris Rybitski Says:

    They talk about the tail lights about halfway through the video. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew6HOblCYW4

  3. Queight Says:

    In Europe, most of this is illegal.

  4. Alexander Says:

    Also, I’m noticing that when I come here on my Linux computer, I get a weird text-only version of the page. I like it!

  5. Christopher Says:

    very cool

  6. Clark Hummell Says:


  7. Mark Says:

    That is friggin’ fabulous. My first car was a 1971 Mercury Cougar, and the stock rear turn signals were sequential (3 bulbs each side). And I thought that was impressive!

  8. Pictures of aftermarket tail lights (eurochrome,cf, black) - Page 3 - MX6.com Says:

    […] I was just looking for the sequential turn signal/brake light kits inspired by the 65 tT bird and 68 shelby’s because I allways thought it would look cool on our cars but I found a couple of DIY variations instead. Enjoy. Top 5 Brake Light Hacks – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog […]

  9. JWSmythe Says:

    I put the same kit on that the Impala has. At least it looks the same. I modified my 3rd brake light to flash also. That was years ago, that I made the change.

    I’ve been pulled over several times. No police officer in California nor Florida has said a word about it. I’ve also been followed several times with no incident. If they were the least bit interested in stopping me for it, they would have.

    Both have reduced the incidents of near misses from rear end collisions. I’m more obvious when stopping and turning, so I haven’t had a single rear end near miss in the last 5 years in this car. In other cars, it’s been business as usual.

    I have both a ’98 TransAm and a ’00 TransAm. The ’00 is the safe one. I haven’t been interested in modifying the ’98, as I’ve been planning to sell it.

  10. Ross Says:

    Altezza / LED Tail Lights for Sale please visit http://www.sports-lights.com/

  11. hack a stop light Says:

    […] Hacks???. Alexander Says: August 3rd, 2007. Most, if not all of these, are illegal in Ohio. …http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/08/03/top-5-break-light-hacks/1995 jeep cherokee 2 wheel drive motor swap? have 350 buick from 1970 …It would be a real sleeper […]

  12. Multi-Monitor Display Says:

    I did that to my car and got pulled over. I guess they don’t like that!

  13. Mikulas Says:

    could u tell me or show a link how can i make a tai light for my motorbike?
    like the last in the movies posted here . thanks
    any help on making a tail light pls contact me at triows at gmail dot com

    thanks alot

  14. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mikulas,

    Looks like the original article has dried up but the root of the project site is still there and has a contact link.

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