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July 27, 2007

Moller Flying Car Enters Production

at 3:18 pm. Filed under Insane Equipment

Looks like the Moller Flying Car is finally entering production. I can’t wait to see these things zipping around. The $90,000 price tag seems like quite a bargain too.

“Moller International (OTCBB: MLER) has completed tooling and has begun producing parts for its Jetsons-like M200G volantor, a small airborne two passenger saucer-shaped vehicle that is designed to take-off and land vertically (see www.moller.com).

The M200G is the size of a small automobile and is powered by eight of the Company’s Rotapower® rotary engines. This vehicle is intended for operation continuously in “ground effect” up to approximately 10 feet altitude.

Dr. Moller calls the M200G, “the ultimate off-road vehicle” able to travel over any surface. “It’s not a hovercraft, although its operation is just as easy. You can speed over rocks, swampland, fences, or log infested waterways with ease because you’re not limited by the surface. The electronics keep the craft stabilized at no more than 10 feet altitude, which places the craft within ground effect where extra lift is obtained from operating near the ground. This lets you glide over terrain at 50 mph that would stop most other vehicles” he continued. While the Company does not foresee the requirement for significant training or licensing to operate the vehicle, it is prepared to offer demonstration sessions in Davis, California once the vehicle is ready for market.

Production on the initial six airframes started earlier this week using hard-tooled molds with the capability of producing one fuselage per day.

Depending upon engine production volume the M200G price could start as low as $90,000. The key component in determining the M200G production price is the cost of its Rotapower® engines. The Company is working with a strategic partner to produce this engine for a number of different applications in order to obtain the cost benefits of high volume production. Persons interested in purchasing a M200G volantor may reserve a delivery position by making a refundable escrowed deposit. ”

Via: Jalopnik, thanks Melvin.


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11 Responses to “Moller Flying Car Enters Production”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    They owe over 100 million $$$, they’re going back to their old/original prototype model for the cash. It’s not even a flying car, its a hovercraft!

  2. Zillaphreak Says:

    I will let someone spend 90k and tell me how it works before I get one. I am skeptical of the 50mph and see a lot of people getting hurt or dieing from this wonderful machine.

    I really am excited to see that technology is not at a standstill and to see that small companies can compete with corporations who want to grid lock the oil chugging ground vehicle.


    It is not a hovercraft. It is not really a flying car either. That is why they call it a ground-effect vehicle (Volanator)

  3. Joe Says:

    Bah, I use my hummer for ground travelling.
    Its cool if it can really fly over, say, an ocean. =)

  4. hdrkid Says:

    This is so awesome. You can fly it without being a pilot!

  5. Altaf Bhopali Says:

    interested to own a flying car

  6. Dave Berry, Director of Investigations Says:

    Im 51 years old now and I paid $45 about 25 years ago for an info pack on the original Skycar, I dont beleive a Word these folks at Mollers say, If I had 1/4 the money they have spent so far I would have had a Flying Demo ten years ago, the big mistake they made over there was Rather then making a vehicle that a trained pilot could fly and demonstrait, they insisted that it be flyable by a near brain dead person off the batt or nothing, There never going to get people to give them money that way, they should have just got one to fly and take around the county.

  7. Yo Momma Says:

    What suckers invested money in this?? Refundable…..yeah right try getting your money back. Like my mother always said “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

    Peace and chicken grease

  8. Raja Says:

    When this car will be available in the market
    I am very exciting to fly.

  9. I’m back to feeling crabby — and I’m not alone « floreakeats Says:

    […] we would have all kind of cool stuff in the future. Which brings up the question, where’s my goddammed flying car?  Instead of things like flying cars we get Kindles. As I was reading over the shoulders of two […]

  10. All Free: Airfare to San Diego, Hotel Room and a SolidWorks World 2012 Conference Pass! Says:

    […] as whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred and if you’ve ever designed a camera ring, a flying car or a […]

  11. Dent Says:

    Moller is an embarrassment to the flying world. He has never produced a thing that worked. His absolute BS over the years was only to pick the pockets of investors. What a joke. There are hundreds of people who would love to get their hands on this crook. It is amusing he touts the rotary engine he sells as something special when his is just about as crude as they come. There are some nice engines built out there for a lot less money. I wonder how they manage to continue to get investors when nothing has happened in 30 years. They did hook up that junk car of theirs to a crane to pretend it was flying. What a joke.

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