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July 21, 2007

Disappearing Car Door

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I have seen lots of crazy car hacks but this Disappearing Car Door is out of this world. It reminds me of the plasma screen that hides under the bed.

Thanks to digitalELPH for digging up some more information about this car. It was actually a concept car that was made in 1993 and was recently put up on Ebay. Not sure what the reserve bid was but $25,300 didn’t win the car…

“This is probably one of the coolest car mods I have seen. The side door lowers completely into the bottom of the car like something out of Transformers.

Lincoln executives were concerned about the heavy and wide doors on the Mark VIII in the early 1990’s especially in large cities with tight parking spots. They were toying with the idea of a Mark VIII that had doors that disappeared beneath the car which would require no additional space for the doors to swing open in order to allow the occupant to exit or enter. Back in the day, the major auto makers would sub-contract their concept designs to other engineering firms who specialiazed in auto concepts and executions. In this particular case, this Lincoln Mark VIII was shipped over to Joalto Design Inc. near Detroit. Joalto holds numerous US Patents dealing with this vehicle chassis and body construction

At first viewing, this car appeared to be a normal rust free Lincoln Mark VIII only with the door handles removed. Then I noticed that the doors themselves were different and much wider. Then, when the owner activated the disappearing door with a remote key fob, I could only think “Holy S**t, where did the door go?” I was truly amazed at the smooth execution of the passenger door as it both disappeared below the car and then at the touch of a button, it re-appeared and went back to it’s normal closed position.”

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