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July 18, 2007

Speech Recognition Using FPGA Technology

at 5:41 pm. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Carlos, David and Kanwen from McGill University developed a cool voice recognition system using a FPGA development system.

Video after the jump.

“My team (David and Kanwen) and I implemented a speech recognition system on an FPGA development board (Altera DE2 Board) for the Design Project course at McGill (ECSE 949). We did this in two step: first we wrote a prototype for the algorithm in MATLAB (I’ll may be port it to Octave), and then we did the hardware description for the FPGA.”



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8 Responses to “Speech Recognition Using FPGA Technology”

  1. mirruss Says:

    how am i need to interfacing the speech recognition using fpga design method with my music player..please help me..

  2. nitin Says:

    sir ,
    i would highly appreciate your sharing with me the design details of this project ‘coz iam an B.Tech student working on the same.

    with regards
    nitin yadav

  3. badr Says:

    hello, your project is really important I am a beginner in this field and my teacher suggested I work on a project like please is what you can give me the vhdl code blocks of your architecture?
    best regards.

  4. stepheny Says:

    hi.. I am doing my final year project on this title.. Would you mind sharing your design details with me?
    Kind regards,

  5. Rajith Says:

    can you please send me the verilog code of this project

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Rajith,

    There is a link to the details in the article.

  7. gopalakrishnan.E Says:

    share verilog code

  8. shilp Says:

    i m working on text to speech synthesis using arm/fpgaboard.i need ur guidance & can u share verilog/matlab/c code ?

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