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July 9, 2007

Bongo Pong

at 5:01 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks, Toy Hacks

Imagitronics has created a new interactive version of Pong. He calls it Bongo Pong, rolling right and left on a platform controls your on-screen pong paddle.

Video after the jump.

“I started work right away on the project. I quickly found out that Indo boards do not come cheap, with prices starting around $80, so I decided to make my own. For $6 I was able to get a short length of 5″ PVC pipe and a piece of wood (which I later replaced with the skateboard deck seen in the video below), and some small metal tubes to use for the tilt activated switches. The total expenditure was less than $20 for enough equipment to make a board for each player.”


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12 Responses to “Bongo Pong”

  1. Sam Says:

    That was just…weird. Like, kinda cool to see, but seems a little useless unless you have the balance of a Cirque du Soleil gymanast

  2. tmasman Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!!
    Give me a break… Even the “inventor” of the game can’t play it worth crap!

    Sorry… I suppose it’s got some merit, but he needs to slow the game play WAY DOWN to make it playable to anyone but a professional gymnast (I know, I saw the last poster’s comment too).

    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he fell off the board (off screen, but you could hear him holler!)

  3. Bongo Pong weds gaming, balance with makeshift Indo board : Teknicks Blog Says:

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  5. Bongo Pong weds gaming, balance with makeshift Indo board | Computers,Software,Hardware,SEO,Mac,Apple Says:

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  6. JorgenMan Says:

    A potentially good idea, but like has been said already, the game really needs to be slowed down. It’s running so fast, you’d have to be really quick to play with a normal controller, not to mention a Bongo Board. That ball’s flying across the screen like it was shot out of a cannon! I also think I’d make the computer wait to serve until you were up on your board.

  7. MAKE: Blog Says:


    Imagitronics writes – When I first set out to learn electronics several months ago, the first kit that I assembled was the Velleman Pong kit, available at ThinkGeek and numerous other online retailers. I knew right away that some…

  8. Tech Digest Says:

    Bongo Pong: play Pong using a skateboard. Just attempt an ollie with this, dude!

    Bored of playing Pong with your boobs? Get off this site, sheesh! If you’re after, however, a more safe-for-work format of playing the retro game, then check out what this chap who goes by the name of Imagitronics, has created…

  9. Bongo Pong weds gaming, balance with makeshift Indo board · jalansutera.info Says:

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  10. oscar Says:

    The more obvious name would be Pongo

  11. jonabad.com » Blog Archive » Balance board pong! Says:

    […] Balance board pong! 0 Comments I kind of want to build one of these! This guy calls it Bongo Pong… apparently in some places Balance Board = Bongo. […]

  12. Bongo Pong: play Pong using a skateboard. Just attempt an ollie with this, dude! - Tech Digest Says:

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