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July 8, 2007

Automated Weed Pulling Robot

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Will the farmer be a thing of the past soon? The HortiBot is an interesting idea that could automate many tasks. With larger automation everything from planting to harvesting of crops will be able to be automated.

Video after the jump.

” The vision is the Spider mounted with the HortiBot accessory kit, which transforms it into a tool carrier for high-tech plant nursing for e.g. organic grown vegetables. High-tech tools for weeding that at a later stage can be implemented are tools like laser, micro spraying and mechanical devices. The HortiBot is capable of passing over several parcels with visible rows auto¬≠nomously based on a commercial row detection system from Eco-Dan with no use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which is normally used by UGV’s. Unskilled workers will be able to operate the basic functions of the HortiBot within one hour of education and by use of a pictogram based operational guide. Report of operational analysis documenting the HortiBot concerning feasibility, opera¬≠tional capacity, and economy. All operational data is automatically send to an internet based database. The HortiBot kit is a real kit which can be mounted within a few hours and easily be removed again changing the Spider back to its original form.”

Via: Popular Science Blog



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3 Responses to “Automated Weed Pulling Robot”

  1. Haseeb A Says:

    This can bring about a revolution in countries like ours. Low cost versions could benefit not only all the third world countries but it could dramatically increase yields too

  2. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Sure a lot more of it could be automated, but if a machine shears a blade or cracks a roller or WHATEVER, there’ll still have to be someone out there. As it is now, with the gps systems, they almost drive themselves.

    US farmers have been stepped on for a long time, they won’t be up to switching to a system that just doesn’t need them.

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    Automated Weed Pulling Robot – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

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