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July 4, 2007

Holographic Video

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Could the technology that MIT’s Michael Bove is working on change computer displays as we know them today? It wasn’t long ago that LCD flat screens took the market over. Are we going to see a similar change when Holographic Video technology matures?

“The Media Lab’s video holograms appear to float above a piece of frosted glass. An electronic device behind the glass, called a light modu­lator, reproduces interference patterns that encode information about the pictured object. Laser light striking the modulator scatters just as it would if it were reflecting off the object at different angles.

A holographic video begins with a computed 3-D model of some moving object or scene. This model “can be thought of as having a whole lot of points on its surface at different depths that change over time,” Bove says. To make that model holographic, a computer needs to figure out the intensity of the light that would be reflected from each point on the object to the point where the viewer’s eyes will be. “You need to create a diffraction pattern that reconstructs all the different intensities for all the different angles,” Bove says. He found that graphics chips in today’s PCs are adept at doing this sort of 3‑D rendering, computing the diffraction patterns, and combining them into a single video output.”