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July 2, 2007

iPhone Taken Apart

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Hacked Gadgets doesn’t normally cover off the shelf items but there has been so much buzz over the iPhone and the guts do look interesting. One of our advertisers, iFixit, bought a perfectly good iPhone and took it apart to see what makes it tick. By the looks of it Apple doesn’t think the battery will ever need replacing… Great job guys!

“Samsung manufactured Apple ARM chip. Numbers: 339S0030ARM, 8900B 0719, NOD4BZ02, K4X1G153PC-XGC3, ECC457Q3 716. The processor is likely stacked on the SDRAM, which looks to be 512 MB. This chip could have H.264 and MP3 hardware decoding built in. The chip above the ARM is a Wolfson audio chip. Part numbers WM8758BG and 73AFMN5. The chip underneath the ARM is a Linear Technology 4066 USB Power Li-Ion Battery Charger, which Apple uses in the iPods as well.”

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10 Responses to “iPhone Taken Apart”

  1. joebob Says:

    but why?

  2. Henkie Says:

    because they can?

  3. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Some one was going to do it

  4. precisewtem Says:

    Could I have that opened IPhone when they are done with it?!?!

    I want one

  5. Kaum ist das IPhone auf dem Markt-- Something Wrong Says:

    […] Wer wissen will, was Apple da so verbaut hat, sollte sich das hier ansehen. […]

  6. Shadyman Says:

    According to G4 TV, Apple admits that the battery will wear out.. But it’s built-in.

  7. Sean Says:

    It would be very interesting to see if someone can make a duplicate, since most of the major parts are available to us. You could even squeeze it into the same form factor if you can design a PCB, but the parts will probably run you up a large bill, maybe more than the actual PDA, which is what this thing is really. Apple is such a fad, but at least its a good fad. Glad I bought AAPL stock, lol.

  8. kayne001 Says:

    calm down guys, this is actually good.
    Especially since it gives people an idea of what is in the iphone, and maybe duplicate it one day?

  9. MacDrunk Says:

    would be grate if someone can make a hack to the battery and makit it like replacable, if someone does some of that stuff wouldo a huge amout of money by selling apples the patten,,,

  10. Name the Thing Contest - 63 - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] The item to guess was a iPhone Circuit Board […]

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