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July 1, 2007

Jet Powered Sinclair C5

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The Sinclair C5 doesn’t look like a vehicle that would turn many heads. Dropping a Jet Engine into the Sinclair sure changes that!
Video after the jump.

“I purchased the C5 from a nice chap called Ron, the entire chassis is going to be replaced and the power source will be a gas turbine. I’m going to drop the Turboshaft Kart and use the engine as a Turbo Jet conversion on the ‘Jet Powered Sinclair C5’. The engine is an Air Research JFS100-13A; its happens to be the same make and model of engine that is being used on the Jet Go-Kart.”

Via: Retro Thing



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11 Responses to “Jet Powered Sinclair C5”

  1. stoke Says:

    i want to build my own

  2. joebob Says:


  3. Danny Says:

    It really needs an afterburner… 🙂

  4. precisewtem Says:


  5. MAKE: Blog Says:

    Jet powered Sinclair C5

    Pleiadean Media has a ton of jet powered projects, here’s a jet powered Sinclair C5 – [via] Link….

  6. Weiss Says:

    Ha ha ha Great 😀

  7. Craig Says:

    Yes Cool, But I’d wish they’d turn the dang music off! I’d rather hear it run.

  8. tmasman Says:

    From the article “Alas, it’s diminutive power plant could only propel the vehicle to about 15 km/h.”
    I guess I’m just spoiled on the notion of a jet engine… What’s the point of if I can ride a bike faster!

  9. Jet powered Sinclair C5 | KnowHow @ KPeBiz.com Says:

    […] Pleiadean Media has a ton of jet powered projects, here’s a jet powered Sinclair C5 – [via] Link. […]

  10. krunal Says:

    danny, i coulnt agree more…….imagine that ride with an afterburner….it would fly!!!

  11. Branyers Says:

    Over-engineered, underpowered and impractical. Was probably a lot of fun to design though.

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