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June 24, 2007

Computer Controlled Room Ambilight Controller

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Check out this Computer Controlled Room Ambilight Controller that Mike built. I didn’t realize that there was an open source program that would perform the same screen analysis as the Phillips Ambilight system, this gives me some ideas…

Video after the jump.

“What it basically does is, it waits for info from the PC through the RS232 interface and then controlls the brightness of the different collors. I then wrote a programm which sends bytes to the cotroller depending on where the mouse is positioned on the color triangle.

The second program is a opensource program called BobLight (http://www.xs4all.nl/~loosen/elektron… ). it looks at the screen and then sends the dominant colors through the comport. I modified it a little so it would only look at the top left corner of the screen. the I made a plugin for winamp that produces plain colors depending on the beat of the music. That’s about it. then I made some LEDclusters and strips and mounted them in my room.
Thats what I’m doin right now. I haveto wire more strips to put them all over my room.

Oh yeah the Programm also works when whatching movies, which then turns my whole room into one big ambilight :)”



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5 Responses to “Computer Controlled Room Ambilight Controller”

  1. Berni Says:

    I did the same thing, i just gota get my hands on some 5W luxeons so i can light my room whith it

  2. Seesoe Says:

    thats a neat way to do things.

    in my room i have the CH-865 light controller, it has 8 outlet plugs and i have my room wired to it with 12 lines of el wire, outlined all my walls its nice with hardcore techno or gabber:D lol. im thinking of wiring the consoler to my computer for better effects.

    i might go ahead and do this project to, it would be neat interfacing the multi color changeling el wires to this project

  3. Dáithí Says:

    Neat idea! I could not get the link to open however 🙁 . Any way I can get some hardcopy on this? Schematics and whatever?

  4. Alan Parekh Says:

    Seems to work now, give it another try.

  5. Mike Says:

    All the schematics and code is on http://www.ledcontroller.de.vu/

    I did make a layout fr the board. I will upload it soon.


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