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June 22, 2007

Induction Heating Demonstration

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Richie Burnett has a Induction Heating Demonstration that is worth having a look at. Richie has also done extensive work with Tesla coils, make sure you have a look at those also.

“Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive. Since it is non-contact, the heating process does not contaminate the material being heated. It is also very efficient since the heat is actually generated inside the workpiece. This can be contrasted with other heating methods where heat is generated in a flame or heating element, which is then applied to the workpiece. For these reasons Induction Heating lends itself to some unique applications in industry.

How does Induction Heating work ?

A source of high frequency electricity is used to drive a large alternating current through a coil. This coil is known as the work coil. See the picture opposite. The passage of current through this coil generates a very intense and rapidly changing magnetic field in the space within the work coil. The workpiece to be heated is placed within this intense alternating magnetic field.”


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49 Responses to “Induction Heating Demonstration”

  1. Haseeb A Says:

    What is the science behind it? Eddie currents?

  2. Jared Says:


  3. joebob Says:


  4. Charlie Says:

    A very useful project for DIY hackers
    considering you show us a complete schematic
    leaving out all the details and begging people
    not to ask for more info. Don’t waste our
    time, spare us your ego trip and just keep everything to yourself.

  5. Mmeval Says:

    I agree Charlie. Why put this numnuts on a site that is for DIYers?

  6. Joven Says:

    Hmmm, interesting thoughts and project.
    I look at the numbers given for current,
    frequency, capacitence and inductance… and that’s all i need.
    I could build this, cause the numbers make sence.
    If you can’t figure it out with what’s given,
    then you don’t need to be playing with high voltage.

  7. David Says:

    Not sure what Charlie and Mmeval are going on about. The schematic and values given are more than enough for someone competent in power electronics to construct it. Joven is right on the money. If you can’t build it from this you would probably kill yourself anyway.

  8. callmeshane Says:

    Hmmmmmm I love the arrogant “Oh if your not a know it all – then your a nothing” attitude…

    Half an explaination is not an explaination.

    I tend to feel shitty about highly enlightened – who leave incomplete paper trails and the toadies who subscribe to that bullshit.

    I while I can follow the pix, I also believe a clear and complete schematic with a few “hazard notices” would probably give people the start they need to make the jump from leaning towards “interested and not that expereinced”, to that of “capable and understanding”.

    The worst teachers in the world are the ones who cannot explain their own subject clearly.

  9. callmeshane Says:

    I also want to point out that there is no INFO on the power supply or source, nor is there anything about the HF choke…

    Well Duhhhh…

    Shit canning the people who want to learn but who are not very good at laying guessing games – because of the authors poor and incomplete information – is just slack buck passing…

    It’s like George Bush, robbing and killing lots of people all over the world and when they take him and his idiot supports on, he brands them “terrorists”…

    The logic just doesn’t quite add up.

  10. Cicero Matos Says:

    Please, inform work voltage in DC link

  11. K.A. GIRISH Says:

    sir i have one portable induction heating machine thats make SHUNGPING , in that machine control card 5 Nos intergrated circuit built, but all IC name removed ,
    i purchased 5 machine from out sources, now there are not giving services,if they are given exp too high that i can’t affourd,4 IC are 8 pin one IC are 16 pin , if you have any idea about that IC please kindly give that IC No

    please send my E-mail kayurananth@yahoou.co.in

    thanking you

  12. GIRISH KAYUR Says:

    if you have pratical circuit digram for portable induction heating systems.please send me a e-mail

  13. GIRISH KAYUR Says:

    sir i have one ic amtel 89 s 52 microcontroller. that ic locked , if posable to decode lock how to do please give me a methed

  14. LUT Says:


  15. hany Says:

    if you have pratical circuit digram for portable induction heating systems.please send me a e-mail

  16. Huhu Says:

    I am a Chinese LARGE SIZE FERRITE CORE manufacturers, we produced the UU93, UU101,EE240,EE210,EE480, Etc. A lot of induction heating manufacturers are already using, customers get a high rating. If you are interested, Please reply me, I will introduce you to other products, Directly from China manufacturers of products that you can enjoy the lowest prices。
    Best regards
    Nanjing Hengchuang magnetic electronics Co Ltd
    Email: njmagnet@hotmail.com
    Contact person :Mr.Hu

  17. JackN Says:

    So what? You guys don’t know how to follow a link?


    Everything you need to know is there. 😉

  18. eman Says:

    no details…..pffff:(

  19. LUT_OMEGa Says:

    hi sorry i don’t speyk english what is de shematic

  20. DIY Induction Heater - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] have featured DIY Induction Heaters here before. There is something about heating a big chunk of metal with no contact that is so […]

  21. martinmunk Says:

    Cant see what you are all complaining about… Seems to be a lot of info @ his website

  22. Parag Says:

    I need full information about induction heating project for my project exam, I am student of M.Sc Electronics S.P.University.
    I need full information include circuit diagram with component value.
    I hope of your positive reply that make my future bright.
    Thanks and regards
    Parag Dave.

  23. Parag Says:

    Are you know about RF heating. If some one have circuitary of that plase send me
    on paragd86@yahoo.com

  24. Sagar Thoria Says:

    I want information about induction heating project for project purpose,
    I need full information include circuit diagram with component value.
    I hope of you give me positive reply.
    Thanks and regards
    Sagar Thoria

  25. Artur Says:

    Hello, can you please give me the complet buildingplan of the heater on babajow@gmail.com Thenk you very matsch!

  26. Arend Says:

    Dear Alan .
    Is it possible to send me on my email. The complete circuit
    Of the induction heating.
    I blow up already my scoop.
    I will appreciat that thanks.

  27. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Arend,

    Please have a look at the page that is linked to in the article. The is some additional information there.

  28. Ananth Says:

    Dear Sir,


  29. Ananth Says:


    MY MAIL ID kkravi8@rediffmail.com small induction instant water heater details and circuit details if possible mail to my id please


  30. Cacci Says:

    Its agreed theres a poor job of explaining the actual way this induction heater works. For example, the recommended caps and the ones he uses are different, the driver and mosfet circuits are nonexistant, etc… However, that does not help the people who want to build the heater. So, if you know a good link on how to do something like this, post it here. http://www.penguinslab.com/induction.htm does a good job of explaining it, but the design is pretty different and not that reliable, he says he blew out part of the circuit in one of his runs. Any info is welcome.

  31. dave Says:

    Why is it so damn difficult to get a circuit of a decent induction heater..is there some secret society who dont want people to make their own stuff, I have been stuggling to find a decent circuit WITH components values to build my own Induction furnace..I mean you have got to do it today with Terribubble expensive inducton generators..Can anyone help an old timer with a desire to know stuff about metals ? well if you can I am prepared to pay for the info/circuits.
    Thanks..Dave Bradbury..UK

  32. Ananth Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I required one small instant water heater Electronic induction type with a tube so that we can pass the water through the tube and when it reaches out the required temp is obtained any small circuit can you give sir.


  33. Ananth Says:

    Dear Sir,
    As above i am waiting for your reply my id is kkravi8@rediffmail.com.


  34. paulo cericato Says:

    very interessant.is it possible you send my circuit of induction heater.tanks

  35. deepak chore Says:

    I Want to know about Induction Heaters for cooking as a project. I want do project on the same. Pl. inform me about conctruction & working of induction heater.And also power saveing comparision with normal heating element type heaters.

  36. Garett Churchill Says:

    There is a much simpler and cheaper system on Neon John’s website: google neon john induction. Full schematics, .pcb files, and a very clear how-to explanation of everything. Even sources for hard-to-get parts. 1200 watts!

  37. ryan Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaa i wuna make one wot will i need init

  38. Bilal Ali Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I require a system for metallic card clothing wire “teeth”

    hardening. just only I want to red hot only its teeth portion.

    thank you


  39. sanjeev jha Says:

    Dear sir,

    Can you please provide me full information about induction heating with circuit diagram fot my project.


  40. Garett Churchill Says:

    Neon John’s website: google “neon john induction royer” on the open source Royer page, scroll down to the bottom for the latest revisions.

  41. allison Says:

    Please I need assistance with my project on designing of an induction heatre

  42. eric flemming Says:

    Sounds to me like a bunch of liberals wanting people to build something thay want and then give it to them for free! America wast built on innovation, trial & error and just good houspa (getting it done for you lib,s) Or other wards get off you ass and figure it out!

  43. abdul waheed sadiqi Says:

    hi sir i am sadisi sir we have need it the sir induction heating connection diagram and circuit diagram thank

  44. abel Says:

    hice uno con dos mosfet y un choper de tv y una bobina final de 6 espiras con 24 v un perno de 1 cuarto lo calienta al rojo vivo el diagrama esta en planetatecnico

  45. даниел Says:

    Hi, I design a thesis topic: the design of a transformer for induction heating of bearings. Can anyone help me how to make the scheme and what elements will contain. Any help would be helpful to me thank you.

  46. Akash Says:

    i want design the same induction coil for melting my materials at lab level.Please give the detail specifications as early as possible.
    Thank You.

  47. Bbtec Says:


    I need some one make for me induction heater. i want to heat pipe 10 inch diameter, if u can do it send me mail bbtec3d@gmail.com. if it ok may i will buy from u hundreds

  48. ahmed Says:

    can u give me full plan or full pics of ur project

  49. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Ahmed,

    The link is in the article. This was just featured here.


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