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June 21, 2007

Home Made CNC Machine

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Our Danish friends David Pedersen and the guys from AC/KW got together and built a CNC machine from scratch. There are lots of videos and pictures of the build on the site. Have a look at the 3D Hacked Gadgets logo, this machine does a great job!

“The CNC mill has been built from scratch. We’ve even made our own controller board to drive the stepper motors that power the axis of the CNC mill.

What makes the CNC mill tick? It’s the controller board. I don’t want to go into details on how the CNC controller board has been designed. This is just a quick overview of the project, and a more detailed description of each subsystem will be written some day. The board is based around a central PIC controller, the PIC18f2220. An optocoupler bridge isolate the parallel port cable from a PC from the rest of the board. You cannot see this bridge on the picture below as it is SMD mounted on the back site of the board. 3 arrays of FET transistors are used to provide motor control, and the firmware written to the PIC micro controller is compliant with commercial CNC software such as Mach3 and turbocnc.”


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26 Responses to “Home Made CNC Machine”

  1. Haseeb A Says:

    Wow. this is fabulous.
    I’ve only seen one CNC machine in my life and that too wasn’t working. I like the concept though!

  2. Brandon Kinman Says:

    Not bad! I wonder how it handles steel? If no steel, how many IPMs in aluminum?

    If I ever make an aluminum machine, I imagine it looking something like that.

  3. joebob Says:

    I would use it to make custom lego pieces.

  4. Quique Says:

    Another home-made CNC, from a friend of mine 🙂

  5. BrandonU Says:

    I’ve been doing some research on making one of my own, to be used mostly for PCB fabrication and milling. Still in the concept/daydream phase of development, though 🙂

  6. B_Simpson Says:

    It looks good enough to make me jealous 😉

    B.t.w @Joebob, for making Lego you really need this one 😉

  7. Eric Says:

    http://www.cnczone.com is a good resource

  8. Michael Garrett Says:

    That what I need… how much did that cost to make?

  9. B_Simpson Says:

    I guess (didn’t build it !), you’ll spend between 500 and 1500 Us$, 500 being _very_ cheap in price and quality.
    http://www.cnczone.com is indeed _the_ place for more info.

  10. Bob Andersen Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for the mail and hope you are doing well today.I will like to know if you do carry CNC MACHINE .Do get back to me with the types and cost for the ones you do carry and let me know if there is an extra cost whne using visa or mastercard.Kindly get back to me with your name and your direct phone number.Are you the sales manager or the owner?
    Bob Andersen

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Bob,

    You will have to talk to David, go here and click contact.

  12. STOP GRAVURE Says:


  13. joevani Says:

    I was working on CNC’s and Laser machines for about 14years SCM,ROVER,FLEXICAM,PERSONAL BRAVO (LASER). HERE IN THE UAE. and I’m really interested in making my own but I dont know how! so well done and good Job!!!!

  14. ivan Says:

    well done i think you are genius

  15. ivan Says:

    i like home stuf

  16. k.Ragavan Says:

    piles cnc book’s sund no.20 meeraniy street’ colombo-12 sri lanka

  17. haval Says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I want to build CNC machine I can arrange Frame & motors

    But the main problem here is the electrical part, I don’t know from
    where I get the boards also I don’t know how I can manage the connection
    between motors and software’s through the board.

    And Also I will be appreciated if you tell me from where I can get the
    boards with suitable price because I am beginner.

  18. Joop Says:

    Nice maschine. Would be fun to have at home. Nice result you got there

  19. patrick birnzain Says:

    i like the way they built the linear guides for the machine’s table, it’s similar to what we did when we built our DIY router.

    if you’re thinking about building your own CNC router/mill, you might find this short tutorial on the software/electrical part i wrote helpful:
    This is the easiest and cheapest practical way i found to get some steppers running.

  20. John "Spud" Murphy Says:

    I am a newbie and need all the help I can get!!!

    I would like to take a photo, and with the aid of a CNC type machine, build a soap mold out of silicone. I understand this is how the company I buy molds from does it. They took a photo,which I sent them, of my daughter on her horse and sent me back a silicone mold which allows me to produce numerous bars of soap.

    I would like to work with someone to be able to do the same thing cheaply on a custom basis.

    Any help would be wonderful…thank you in advance.

  21. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi John,

    Here is some information that could help out. The CNC machine is just a way to simplify the carving process.


  22. rony Says:

    can you give electronic diagram of the cnc controller and its part specifications

  23. mahmoud Says:

    thanks for sharing these informations man and congratulations !
    i need to make this controller because it seems simple could you please give us a diagram of the circuit ?
    thanks alot

  24. harshana Says:

    Dear sir ,I am a university student in sri lanka. I like your successful project. I like build this driver circuit myself .please send me circuit diagram ,part list and wiring details. All the best.Thank you.

  25. Hamid Mahmood Says:

    Dear sir I found your project very interesting. I like build this driver circuit myself .Can you send its circuit and program to me if yes then please send it to me at this address hmsahir4u@yahoo.com.
    Hamid Mahmood

  26. Hacked Build A Bridge Game Says:

    […] Home Made CNC Machine – Hacked Gadgets – DIY … – Our Danish friends David Pedersen and the guys from AC/KW got together and built a CNC machine from scratch. There are lots of videos and pictures of the build on the … […]

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