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June 19, 2007

Vintage Wi-Fi Radio

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If you like cutting edge gadgets then you need to get your hands on a Wi-Fi radio, but what if you have a love for antiques? Alinke used a vintage radio housing and modified a Wi-Fi Radio to fit inside. At first glance it looks like an antique, well until you spot the LCD display anyway. 🙂

“I found a local vintage radio dealer in town. He’s a real purist and is only interested in preserving radios with the original electronics so he really didn’t have any interest in helping me out. It took awhile, but he sold me this box for $30.

After a few Google searches, I came across this product which seemed a good fit. Its not cheap though and goes for $300. I shopped around a little and was able to get one for $260. The other one out there is this one and is slightly cheaper but I needed to be able to attach a knob to the volume control for the retro look as opposed to an iPod like volume control.”


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4 Responses to “Vintage Wi-Fi Radio”

  1. Craig Says:

    I would have liked it a bit better if the LCD was better placed. I seems too cut and paste
    where it is.

  2. Haseeb A Says:

    Doesn’t look antique enough…. chip the radio from the corner, make some scratches and break the volume knob… and darken the LCD…

  3. joebob Says:



  4. DIY: Vintage Radio with Wi-Fi goodness - GEARFUSE Says:

    […] Link [via] […]

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