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June 10, 2007

Turning The Place Over – Rotating Wall

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Sculptor Richard Wilson has made one of the most impressive sculptures I have ever seen called Turning The Place Over! We have seen all of the various windows on the market, sliders, crank outs, etc. Richard was thinking outside the box when he decided to open a huge hole on the side of the building.

Video after the jump.

“The artwork, called Turning The Place Over, will be launched on June 20 and will run until the end of 2008. It is costing £450,000 – with Culture Company paying £150,000. With thousands of city centre workers using Moorfields station every day, it is likely to be one of the best-viewed Capital of Culture installations. Described as “the most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK”, it is seen as the jewel in the crown of the 2008 public art programme. It was organised by the Culture Company and Liverpool Biennial, which was also responsible for bringing Antony Gormley’s “iron men” statues to Crosby beach. Mr Wilson, one of Britain’s best-known sculptors, is renowned for drawing inspiration from the worlds of construction and engineering, and Turning The Place Over is no exception. The cut-out, which measures eight metres across, rests on a rotator usually found in the shipping or nuclear industries.”

Via: TechEBlog and Gizmodo


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14 Responses to “Turning The Place Over – Rotating Wall”

  1. Haseeb A Says:

    No shortage of crazy people alrite!!

  2. Dave Says:

    “It is costing £450,000 – with Culture Company paying £150,000.”

    Djeez what a waste of money. It’s not because you _can_ think of something you need to make it.

    Sure, they might earn that amount back from those few extra tourists, but when? It will take ages.

    They should have spent the money on something better. So many people can’t pay for food. But hey, what’s a humans life worth anyways?

  3. ryan Says:

    whoa, its so majestic, it would suck if it suddenlly broke and fell!!!!

  4. joebob Says:

    holy canolli.

  5. Joven Says:


  6. Richard Kelsch Says:

    That was art? No, it’s engineering, and a complete waste of it. Why a “piece of crud” rusted out old building? Why a hole? Why bother to spend money on the combo? I see things more impressive at amusement parks.

  7. Hexypoo Says:

    Thats pretty crazy. Kewl though.

  8. Hanttula » Rotating Wall Art Piece Says:

    […] Jim shares with us…A Rotating Wall Art Piece { Article & Video } that turns a section of an industrial building over on itself in a continuing rotation. © 1996 – 2005, Hanttula.com Copyright & Credits […]

  9. Paul Best Says:

    Absolutley fantastic, all of our major cities could do with something like this artwork, visiually entrancing and thought provoking at the same time, long may we have more!!

  10. This Is Off Its Head - Old Skool Anthemz Says:

    […] Turning The Place Over SORRY HERE IS THE LINK:Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Blog Archive Turning The Place Over – Rotating Wall __________________ […]

  11. Mike Says:

    Richard Kelsch.. it’s subtle, slow and inspiring it’s not supposed to be a rollercoaster.

  12. Mike Says:

    Dave.. so many people can’t pay for food. Reckon you can’t solve the worlds food shortage problems with £450’000. Reckon if you and I and everyone who isn’t desperate for food were more sensible and less wasteful day to day we’d save a hell of a lot more than £450’000.

  13. Jonny Says:

    i’d love to see some gutsy pigeons try to get inside but misjudge the timing.
    pigeon smears all around the edge. what a lovely thought Xp

  14. Acomplia Says:

    Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

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