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June 7, 2007

May Comment Contest Winners

at 12:20 am. Filed under Contests

And the winners of the May Comment Contest are…

Servo Magazine: BrandonU, comment 10 on the Search Contest post. (Yes, I though it was funny that he didn’t win the search contest but his entry won him the comment contest)

Tripod: SilverBurns , comment 24 on the Power Supply PC article.

Card Reader 1: NGinuity , comment 3 on the Homemade Oscilloscope article.

Card Reader 2: Sheepdog, comment 13 on the Microcontroller to SMS Interface article.

Thanks to all who entered, there were lots of interesting comments left during the month. I would also like to thank Servo Magazine again for providing the magazine subscription for this contest.


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8 Responses to “May Comment Contest Winners”

  1. NGinuity Says:

    BrandonU, I don’t suppose you’d want to switch? 🙂

  2. BrandonU Says:

    Sorry, NGinuity 🙂 I been wanting a subscription to Servo for a while now. ( Didn’t really think I’d win one…) Thanks, Hacked Gadgets!!

  3. NGinuity Says:

    Oh well, worth a shot!

  4. BrandonU Says:

    Hey, never hurts to ask! If I already had a subscription, I would have had no problem swapping.

  5. Hexypoo Says:

    Yah, I really had no desire to compete in this past months contest. This months though I’m going to be getting in on.

  6. ryan Says:

    man hexypoo all the recent comments are yours, your really typing…..

    @ rofl
    rofl@rofl@ rofl copter!!!!

  7. ryan Says:

    awww man my copter got smashed aganst the lest side of post…… poor rofl copter…

  8. ryan Says:

    i mean left not lest

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