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June 6, 2007

PIC Microcontroller Spud Gun

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This PIC Microcontroller Spud Gun looks to be well built and constructed. The PIC controller allows for lots of safety features such as only allowing a single charge of fuel and ensuring that there is a projectile in place before fuel can be introduced. Watch the video to the end to see a ball get fired.

“This project is definitely not small potatoes — three barrels loaded with spuds and charged with propane! Two PIC microcontrollers handle the User Interface, Azimuth and Elevation Aiming and Fire Control functions. Aiming is controlled with a joystick. The Fire Control subsystem verifies a projectile is loaded in the selected barrel before injecting the controlled charge of fuel and that the barrel is armed before firing.”

Via: Make


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6 Responses to “PIC Microcontroller Spud Gun”

  1. Tuborg2645 Says:

    omg, so cool. i want one of these mounted on my car.. xD

  2. ryan Says:

    i agree

  3. HG341 Says:

    wow…..love it POST A instructables AT http://www.instructables.com plz plz plz plz it so cool

  4. Hexypoo Says:

    It could be humorus to have some of these mounted in a wall. Like say near the entrance to a domicile.

  5. James Says:

    wow dude thats awesome

  6. Matt Says:

    there are instructions available:


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