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June 4, 2007

3310 Nokia Cell Phone LCD Game

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Pyrofer has made some significant advancements with a game he is designing with a cell phone LCD and a PIC 12f675 microcontroller.

Video after the jump.

“You can see ive managed to draw a basic map on the screen. The size of this map is limited by the ram, as the objects within have to change it cant be a rom map. There isnt enough RAM. Ive had to be very clever with ram byte handing to squeeze a large map into ram. Having static map layouts in rom isnt quite as bad.

Reaching the limits of the 12f675 now. Rom is at 94% and ram at 92% full. I have a scrolling level now. Rocks Fall, if your under them you die. When you go near the edge of the screen it scrolls on the next part of the level.”