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May 27, 2007

Automated Microcontroller Programmer

at 5:15 am. Filed under Complex Hacks, Computer Hacks, Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks, Insane Equipment

ASTLAB has built an machine that automates programming microcontrollers. This could be a useful machine if you needed to make hundreds of pre-programmed microcontrollers. There is a tube of blank microcontroller chips on the right, and the programmed ones on the left. A motorized arm moves over to this tube and grabs a blank chip using a suction tool and drops it into a ZIF socket, a servo then closes the ZIF socket allowing the chip to be programmed. The arm then picks up the programmed chip and drops it into the tube of programmed chips.

It looks like the project is well documented, unfortunately I don’t understand the language and my trusty Google translator doesn’t help either. If someone wants to summarize it in English I would be appreciative.

Video after the jump.