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May 20, 2007

Power Supply PC

at 4:38 pm. Filed under Computer Hacks, Crazy Hacks, Funny Hacks

Joven submitted this cool Power Supply PC mod in the Share a Hack Contest. This would be great to have sitting on my desk!

“I gutted the brand new 300W power supply except for cooling fan, power switch and power plug. The 3 1/2” form factor board fit perfectly. The gold anodized aluminum heat sinks are one piece, which actually covers the three main chips. Power supply cases really do make the perfect mini-computer case. The Advantech 5820 babyboard sports a “passively” cooled Geode 233MHz processor. It’s hardly passive with that monster fan running. I liked the idea of recycling the power plug and switch too.”


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37 Responses to “Power Supply PC”

  1. Deadly Computer Blog » Computer in a Powersupply Says:

    […] This is a very neat mod.  Sure it’s nothing special, only a 233 MHz processor, but it’s still a feat if i do say so myself.  Good work. read more {Hacked Gadgets} Stumble it! […]

  2. Shadyman Says:

    Hah! Great implementation.

  3. Miguel Says:

    soooooooo WTF is it? 0_o

  4. Brad Says:

    lol. Thats the same case as my pc. Probably the same system specs too.

  5. Jeffrey Stephenson Says:

    Before many more of you dis the PSU-PC computing power please note that this computer was built 4 years ago. It runs Windows 98 like a champ.

    Many may remember my Unidyne PC from last year….http://hackedgadgets.com/2006/07/31/unidyne-mic-case-mod/

  6. marc Says:

    Sorry but: Brrr… Really sad assembling of parts.

  7. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Well I think it’s cool, perfect story for scaring geek around the camp fire “…and it had no motherboar… ooooOOOOOooooo”

  8. marc Says:

    Sorry but: Brrr… Really sad assembling of parts.
    Otherw the recycling is a cool job.

  9. NGinuity Says:

    marc: It’s a hack! Sometimes they aren’t the most graceful things…he gets points for inginuity in my book.

  10. marc Says:

    # NGinuity Says:
    marc: It’s a hack! Sometimes they aren’t the most graceful things…he gets points for inginuity in my book.
    I don’t agree. it is not a hack.
    It is fitting someting into something…
    It is ugly.
    Hacking must be about something smart. Just like fitting a boat into a bottle.
    This one sorry to say this again is wrong.
    But less wrong than fitting a pc mouse into a… dead mouse.

  11. Joven Says:

    Well, if you goto the contest page, you can find the
    original url for this hack. Read, and you will find
    that the power supply for this thing came out of an
    unused cd burner. That’s making somthing do other
    than what it was intended, and therefor, is a hack.

  12. NGinuity Says:

    marc: I don’t agree with your interpretation of a hack. At all. You totally miss the point of it. Sorry.

  13. Mr. Maigo Says:

    marc> Hacking must be about something smart. Just like fitting a boat into a bottle.
    Uh, dude?

  14. SilverBurns Says:

    Hack or not it’s still 4 years old and 233mhz, by todays standards it’s lame. I bet something like this today could fit in something way smaller and probably be faster. Just my opinion, and…One Thing learned. If you want to see people fight make-up a contest!

  15. Alan Parekh Says:

    I have to disagree, I point of the hack isn’t the speed of the processor. Sure it could have tons more horsepower today, but it’s just plain cool to have the entire contents of a working computer running inside what looks like a standard power supply!

    I also think that great hacks are timeless. This hack will still be very cool in 10 years (in my opinion).

  16. SilverBurns Says:

    I disagree, The site is clearly hacks/projects of today. Not stuff of yesterday!

  17. Joven Says:

    Stuff of the day? Like all the NES stuff, right?

  18. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Joven: more like NES arts and crafts

  19. SilverBurns Says:

    Agree, Arts and Craps. Not hacks or even tech projects!

  20. NGinuity Says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say……

  21. NGinuity Says:

    Oh, and another thing….I would love to see any mind blowing hack you have done.

  22. SilverBurns Says:

    Wouldn’t matter what I said or showed, you’ve already formed your opinion.

  23. NGinuity Says:

    Why do you say that? On the contrary, I would ernestly like to see anything you are willing to show off. I’m a tinkerer, and am always looking for new ideas for things. Try me, you might be surprised.

    Generally speaking, I will give props where they are due.

  24. SilverBurns Says:

    Fine, Hacks have been a few years back. One was fitting an RF transmitter in to a Philips Pronto touchscreen remote for control of X10 along side the typical Home theater stuff. Another was several mods for the Apex 600a DVD player running OFFA firmware, not just flashing what someone else did but writting/modifying code myself and releasing to the public (free). Current projects have been a 5’X10′ CNC router table capable of full 4’x8′ sheets of material with 10″ in Z travel. Since that has been completed I’ve started working on a R/C ball that is 12″ in diameter and hopefully when done be able to drive not just on flat ground but also go up hills. Looking for shock factor there!

  25. NGinuity Says:

    You had me at CNC. That happens to be one of my hobbies. A friend and I have a small shop we house a plasma CNC operation in, and we are building a large scale router table, which, is also a 5′ X 10′. What are you using for drive? Do you have pictures of your tables?

  26. SilverBurns Says:

    Gecko Servo drivers. I’m set up for Plasma, but not yet implemented, next phase. I use a porter cable 7518 for a router. My wish is for a true spindle with ATC.

  27. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi SilverBurns,

    Those hacks sound fantastic! I have never heard of a R/C ball before… Keep us posted, I would love to see some of the build details and the finished product when it’s complete.

  28. NGinuity Says:

    We use Geckos on the plasma table too. Where did you get the collar mounts for your router?

  29. SilverBurns Says:

    I guess I should take some pics along the way. I’ll never gone the route of documenting my work though. I’ll try to do better with this one. It’s a project thats been in my mind for some time and I think I’ve finally got it worked out in theory. Fingers crossed!

  30. dan Says:

    i honestly have no clue what the hell this hack is

  31. Mohd. Hashim Khan Says:

    If it runs win98 like a champ, its cool but where’s the Hard disk ?? i have an idea !!instead of Hard disk how about using a 4GB SD card as a drive, it will be enough for installing win98 and will not require any extra space.

  32. Jeffrey Stephenson Says:

    I thought for sure there was a link…..oh wait…..there is.

  33. Power Supply PC at Technology Blog Says:

    […] Original post by http://hackedgadgets.com/2007/05/20/power-supply-pc/ […]

  34. Jeffrey Stephenson Says:

    ^Proof that circular links cause black holes.

  35. Odaiba Net 36 Says:

    […] Metiendo una PC dentro de la fuente […]

  36. Liam Says:

    Not exactly a gaming pc, lol

  37. alex Says:

    u got a harddrive in that beast too?

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