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May 19, 2007

Pong Watch

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John Maushammer has created one of the coolest watches I have ever seen. Reminds me of the Laptop Pong Clock but much smaller and tougher to build. Have a look at the pong watch build log for some interesting construction details. Code will be available on the Plans page when it’s finalized.

Video after the jump.

“The basic idea – from Buro Vormkrijgers – is genius: each minute the right side scores a point, and each hour the left side scores a point. The effect is that the score is the time. I succeeded in compressing all the electronics for this watch in to a 10mm-thick case. The 96×64 OLED display runs continuously – unlike older LED watches, there is no need to press a button to see the time. Battery life is 25 hours, so recharging is done every night.”

Via: Laughing Squid