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May 16, 2007

Atari 2600 Joystick TV Remote Control

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Hack the remote and joystick together

The original remote came with two small IR LEDs, I decided to replace them with these high power IR LEDs for better range. There would have been no problem just re-using the ones that were soldered to the board however. The original circuit has both LEDs wired directly in parallel which is not how I would have designed it but I left it configured this way. A few well placed holes and the new LEDs were good to go.

I lucked out in finding a place to install the remote control circuit board. By removing the center rib between two of the original AA batteries the remote circuit board snugly fit into the opening. I used a drill press to make a large hole between the battery compartment and the center housing, this will allow for the wires to pass freely from each area. Both devices use the same type of switches, they are simple to trace out and tie together. The remote came with a 3 volt coin cell which would have been inconvenient to change if it ever died and the case came with AA holders so I just used two of the holders which allowed tapping 3 volts from two AA batteries in series.


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