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May 14, 2007

Software can now Restore Shredded Documents

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Everyone is aware that we need to shred our confidential information right? Well it looks like software can now restore shredded documents.

“A research team in Germany has developed a computer-software system to piece together some 45 million pages of secret police files ripped into 600 million pieces. The pieces of torn documents are scanned on both sides, and the digital images are then analysed by a cluster of 16 computers for 25 features, including colour, shape, texture, handwriting and typeface, Nickolay says. Just like a person doing a jigsaw, the computer then groups the images into clusters with similar features, and finally fits pieces in each cluster together.”

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6 Responses to “Software can now Restore Shredded Documents”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Ripped isn’t quite the same thing as shredded. Massive jigsaw is massive… so yeah, thats sill power right there

  2. hansi Says:

    stupid germany

    WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and i live in that country

  3. Zillaphreak Says:

    I am going to have to agree with Maigo and point out the obvious difference of ripped vs shredded. It is possible to get most of the document either way. The best way is to shred it, then burn it.

  4. M0rt1n Says:

    “Now”? Well, that software project is pretty old, and not a deal THAT big. (I mean the technical side, it’s just scanning & patternrecognition after all…) Just the ammount of data is impressive. The stupid thing about this is: The old files where collected by the StaSi, in illegal ways. Then they destroyed it to make sure nobody know what they know, to protect their own agents etc. When the data is restored, you can sue some of the old StaSi-Agents, and find out, what they know about you. And then destroy it again???

    *It’s far too much efford to track down those few remaining unknown agents
    *The knowledge regained may be handed to the wrong people, who knows what happens to the data when it’s restored?
    *Restoring just for curiousity, and then deleting (if that will work…) it again is, well, stupid.

  5. NGinuity Says:

    I wonder how this thing will stack up against my confetti shredder! Hah!

  6. ryan Says:

    what if its in a box of diffrent stuff though what then???? oh and if its shredded all the way.

    finnaly my awsome plan for getiing rid of document is practical!!!!!!!! all u need is a can o gasoline and a remote lighter…..

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