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May 13, 2007

Anti-Tracker – A PIC 16F628 GPS Gadget

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The Anti-Tracker is a PIC 16F628 based GPS project that you may be interested in building. The author provides source code upon request.

“The AntiTracker is a new concept in GPS tracking systems. The idea behind the AntiTracker is that many units in the field do not need to have their positions reported back. These field units are however interested in where the units being tracked are.

The AntiTracker BASIC is designed so that the HAM RADIO community can receive the benefits of the AntiTracker without having to go for the expense of the PRO model. This device will not upload positions in GARMIN Binary mode, nor will it upload any symbols assigned to objects. In fact, Symbols may even change every time a new position update is received. One of the areas that most tracking systems concentrate on is acquiring GPS positions and getting them back into a central location. Some even send the positions back to the GPS tracking units. ”


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5 Responses to “Anti-Tracker – A PIC 16F628 GPS Gadget”

  1. Mr. Maigo Says:

    Alright, I’LL say it. What the hell? It’s an untrackable GPS tracker?

  2. L0rd_D4rk Says:

    I’m with you, my English isn’t very good, but after reading the text twice, I don’t have a clue of what this thing is supposed to do…

  3. NGinuity Says:

    The unit pictured takes automatic position reporting system (APRS) data from a ham radio, and converts it to NMEA sentence format, which is then relayed to a connecting GPS. The coordinates of the other stations show up on the GPS unit.

    If you didn’t have this, you would need a GPS, a NMEA serial decoder, ham radio receiver, and a laptop. The coordinates are displayed on the laptop interface. Most people, me included, do not want a laptop sitting in the passenger seat when we are receiving APRS traffic. This eliminates the need for one, and plots the other stations broadcasting on ham radio in the GPS unit. Actually, it’s a pretty neat idea.

  4. Rob Says:

    Ok So basically its a free way of getting GPS data on a ham radio?

  5. Tracking System Direct Says:

    The best GPS tracking devices are the portable passive systems you can pick up at a reputable dealer. No monthly fees and cost-effective systems.

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