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May 11, 2007

LED Jukebox

at 5:56 am. Filed under Electronic Hacks

Captain Ødegård posted a cool project that he just finished in the Hacked Gadgets forum. The LED Jukebox is just one of his documented projects.

Video after the jump.

“Really satisfied, everything works even after i fiddled around with putting in the last 30 LEDs, putting the total to about 40. Decided to go with only one backlighting color for plexi, didn’t see point in having it flash as it’s not the part of the jukebox that is supposed to be disco.
This dock took more work hours than most I’ve done, but I don’t care as it turned out exactly like I wanted. Funny thins is, without the R2D2 “failure” this wouldn’t have turned out working this good, as I really learned a lot making the design mistakes on the R2. The jukebox has no speakers, as the one in the R2D2 sucks anyways and makes the thing more…weird. Also, the way the D2 is attached doesn’t strain the jack because of the flexible jack on the jukebox, and the styles hole pin both holds it up sturdy, makes the dock/undocking quick, and is practically invisible. Also, having the D2 attached like that doesn’t cover up the volume and on/off buttion like it did on the D2. One thing worth mentioning is that I can’t have the charger in the player while docked to the jukebox, as there just wasn’t any room for a straight cable like that, also why the jack connector is angled. Because of the relative short charge time compared to battery life it’s not a problem for me, I still have the Dragon stand for charging.
I have some ideas for more audio stuff in the same theme and scale as the jukebox, but right now I need a (very short) break from DIY… 5 min should do :D”

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2 Responses to “LED Jukebox”

  1. Annoymous Says:

    Not that great. 1 out of 5 from me

  2. Hubert Says:

    Nice Project, yo should also take a look at this german project

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