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May 10, 2007

Cornell University ECE 476 Microcontroller Design 2007 Final Projects

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Bruce Land over at Cornell University teaches a microcontroller design course that has the students get into groups and design cool projects. The ECE 476 Microcontroller Design Final Projects for 2007 are now posted on the course Web site.

The projects include everything from a ultrasonic car parking aid to a laser pong game!

Hacked Gadgets will be featuring some of these projects during the next few weeks. What are your favorites?


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13 Responses to “Cornell University ECE 476 Microcontroller Design 2007 Final Projects”

  1. Do you… | The Montoya Herald Says:

    […] see something familiar on this page? HackedGadgets.com: Cornell EE 476 Final Projects. Meta Useful things Search the blog […]

  2. J_man Says:

    Sweet… Laser pong

  3. Pyrofer Says:

    Man, that LCD game wasn’t so hot. I managed full 3D graphics with a worse uP and the same LCD.

    I didnt even GO to uni and I managed that on my own!

  4. pali_pyb Says:

    could you give me the full schematic of the sensory safety system for remote control car

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Full details should be available here.

  6. Tutorial mikrokontroler dan teknologi elektronika « Darie nge-blog Says:

    […] Make Magazine, hackedgadgets, Hackzine, hack-n-mod, devtoys, AVRfreaks, bothack […]


    […] Make Magazine, hackedgadgets, Hackzine, ****-n-mod, devtoys, AVRfreaks, bothack […]

  8. vasanth Says:

    sent ECE project with the zip file to mail to me

  9. vasanth Says:

    sent ECE project with the zip file to mail to me cost 6000

  10. mohan sriram Says:

    i want project details about blind aid(braille )project
    and also the circuit diagram for the whole aid.

  11. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Mohan,

    Please see the page here.

  12. asim Says:

    cool projects with AVR Microcontrollers, with good documentation

  13. fatema Says:

    can u plz gimme the details about smart card based access system also its circuit diagram and code.

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