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May 9, 2007

Controlling Electronics with Your Mind

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Are Wiimote hacks a joke compared to what is around the corner? NeuroSky is developing some consumer technology that might lead the way to some intense game control in the near future!

Video after the jump.

“NeuroSky has developed a cost effective bio sensor and signal processing system for the consumer market. Our wearable technology unlocks worlds of new applications such as consumer electronics, health, wellness, education and training.

The neurons that comprise the brain work on electrical impulses. The last century of neurological research has shown us that brainwaves of different wavelengths indicate different emotional states, like a focused awareness, a meditative state, or drowsiness. Brainwaves have been used in medical research and therapy for years. We’re bringing it to the consumer world. ”

Via: Neatorama


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10 Responses to “Controlling Electronics with Your Mind”

  1. Joven Says:

    …wow. I want one. Just one. Ok, maby two… or nine.
    So many applications… i think my brain just popped.
    I wounder what it would read that as?

  2. wuh Says:

    wohohow man! wooooooooow

  3. J_man Says:

    here comes WII mind games

  4. Macka Says:

    lol, mind games, sounds like they are stuffing around with your brain.

    but seriously, thats pretty cool, but there have been similar things around for years.

  5. NGinuity Says:

    I wonder if there is a Wiimote hack to persuade my wife to clean the house 🙂

  6. LazyBastard Says:

    I WANT IT!

  7. tule Says:

    holy shit dude! that is so FREAKn sweet !!!!! pardon my language. but that is soooo cool. i just want to commen syndrom from “the incredibles”(the main bad guy) “…and when everyone is super… no one will be.”

  8. chasseurnoir Says:

    Ho that’s awesome ! but i think that this will be used for making robot soldats controlled by mind via camera and a “soldier” who watch the battlefield with the robot-soldier cam !

  9. kate Says:

    this is like, freaking rad. 🙂
    aha, i want one ;D

  10. brainwave Says:

    Could you please explain the difference between binaural beats and brainwave entrainment?

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