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May 7, 2007

Microcontroller to SMS Interface

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In the microcontroller world some things are a bit tricky to do without some help. This can be some code libraries that help us talk to an LCD display, or communicate via some of the new serial protocols such as one wire. Elektronika.ba has done some work to help everyone out who wants to interface a microcontroller to a GSM phone. Thanks for making the English version for us. 🙂 Code and diagrams are available on his site.
"This device acts as interface between your microcontroller project and a GSM phone. It handles all modem data communication between the GSM phone and your micro-project. The best thing is that it decodes PDU into TEXT on the fly! It’s based on PIC16F877A microcontroller running on 16MHz at 5V. It has an onboard level converter for serial communication with the gsm phone because PIC’s UART RX input pin has a Schmitt trigger triggering at 4,5 – 5V while the phone is sending only approx. 3V from it’s TX pin. It also has a zener diode at TX pin so it doesn’t kill the phone’s network connection when talking to it. Firmware is 100% written in MPASM assembler."
Thanks Mure.


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54 Responses to “Microcontroller to SMS Interface”

  1. roy Says:

    Hi! friends this is Roy we r deciding to do a project on security system. One of the major parts of the project includes interfacing a microcontroller with a gsm cell phone in order to send sms to the hbouse owner whenever a person tends to get in . So can u plz suggest any interfacing technology for this? we require it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. ochan Says:

    hello friends, i would like to know how i can develop micro-controller application that can control devices like door opening, thanks

  3. bhavesh Says:

    Hi! i am parmar bhavesh frm final year e&tc sir , i am doing project on gsm based college displaye board so plz give me guidence abt interfacing betwin mobile station and gsm modulalso gsm modul and cpld kit………………sir gv me response as early as possible

  4. Dalia Datta Says:

    I am doing a project on remote monitoring system.
    I have to send sms from AT89c51 to a particular Phone number using GSM modem.
    I have done this using hyperterminal and AT Command buti dont know how to write program.

    Plz help me sir…

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