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May 7, 2007


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Maverik allows you to fly your model plane just like a real plane, no need to install lots of stuff that the original plane would not have. Maverik will fly the plane just as you would if you could shrink down to fit in your plane!

“Imagine that You have already made a perfect scale plane, in any little detail: wings, fusolage, landing gear, engine …

At the end of this fantastic work You realize that in order to insert the servos, You need to make a lot of terrible modifies, like holes, supports and many cables go through the plane… And finally You cover all this mess with a static puppet. Up to yesterday You can’t do nothing of better ! Now with MAVERIK You can make a totally real plane with fully working cockpit. Stick, rudder and throttle are strongly connected to the ailerons, elevator, rudder and engine. Finally You insert the MAVERIK pilot into the cockpit, lock it on the chair, lock its arms and legs, switch the radio on and Your pilot first, then Your plane, becomes alive!”

Thanks Stefano


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4 Responses to “MAVERIK R/C Pilot”

  1. J_man Says:

    A friend of mine once made a moving pilot, but it wasn’t remote controlled.

  2. NGinuity Says:

    In the true spirit of Hacked Gadgets, how odd 🙂

  3. Hexypoo Says:

    Yah, gotta agrea. Quite odd, kewl but odd.

  4. asdf Says:

    Yes! so hold.l

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