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May 5, 2007

Top 5 Airsoft Hacks

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This Vex Robot has been equipped with an airsoft gun for self defense. Click here to read more about Vex.

RC and airsoft is a good combination, have a look at this cool rolling gun platform.

“RC toys are always fun, especially when you can add weapons…
I was given this RC car for christmas, and it came with a switch on the remote for lights you could turn on. I tore off the body and clipped the wires to the lights. It turns out they put out a nice 10v signal. I quickly grabbed my tiny breadboard and using its adhesive, glued it to the RC car ( there was a perfect plateau to fit it on). Then I headed to dunhams and bought the cheapest electric airsoft gun (25$) and attacked it with my dremel… With a 6v DC relay I put it all together and oila, a sweet RC car with a fully automatic weapons turret! ”


Have a look at this arisoft robot. I wouldn’t want to find myself on the wrong side of this one if I was wearing white. 🙂


This servo controlled airsoft gun by Inventgeek is version 2 of a cool concept.

“So version 2.0 is done. We really focused on creating as diverse as a platform as possible. One side effect is that it seems a little diluted. So I recommend you go with either USB or RC and not both. Either way after doing some testing and tuning we were able to get our gun up to about 1500 rounds per minute. Or about 25 rounds a second using these cheap guns. I was let informed by a fan that there are electric airsoft guns that will shoot up to 1100 round a minute by their self’s. Imagine 4 of those running at the same time!”

Via: Engadget


Roomba hacks are fun but a hack to make it a watch dog and shoot your guests in the feet is the best!


All you need is a laser pointer to make this airsoft creation come alive.

“I’m currently using the 8 servo serial controller, and s666n High Torque servo motor, both of which are made by Pololu Robotics. I highly recommend using their servo controller over the Mini-SSC variety, because of the added resolution. Pololu’s servo controllers work with Mini-SSC protocol as well, however I saw quite an increase in precision when I switched over to Pololu protocol.”

Via: Hackaday