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May 4, 2007

Computer Mouse Garage Door Opener

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Looks like there is another cool use for those old computer mice! If you want a remote that only a true gadget freak could understand, why not make a Computer Mouse Garage Door Opener.

“So I got bored tonight and started going though my box-o-cables and came across an old Apple bus mouse I had gutted years ago. I always wanted to turn it into a garage door opener but never got around to it. Well, coincidently the garage door opener for my apartment parking is the perfect size to sit inside the mouse with room for a switch.”


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13 Responses to “Computer Mouse Garage Door Opener”

  1. Sashi Says:

    Man, I haven’t seen a box mouse like that in ages!

  2. Justus Says:

    Well it’s much more better than that Dead Mouse Thang, it really made me sick.

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    No animals were harmed in the making of this project. 😉

  4. mumie Says:

    Not bad. I’ll try it maybe.

  5. J_man Says:

    I remember box mice, back in the day.

  6. StaTT Says:

    I made a nice box mouse belt buckle some time ago.

  7. StaTT Says:

    I made a nice box mouse belt buckle some time ago.

  8. Zillaphreak Says:

    That dood needs to clean his mouse. That is disgustingly dirty.

  9. Custom Garage Floor Coating Says:

    Nice! I want to try one of those too!

  10. Sears Garage Door Opener Says:

    Interesting idea! thanks for the info.

  11. ugonna Says:

    hi , my name is ugonna nwaeze, a student of loughborough university in the uk. i have got a final year project on automatic garage door openers.during research for my project i saw your site. please how can you be of help to me i dont expect your help to be free either please contact me so we can talk thank you so much. the aim of the project is to research the practical and safety requirements and use the information to build one.

  12. himan Says:

    hi ugonna. you can use micro avr for main bord and control motor of door.the atmega32
    micro avr is good for thes work.if you like i can send for you controler map??

  13. Candra Says:

    The best thing to view is the fact that the coding for that garage door opener improvements
    each time the door is opened or shut.

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