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April 28, 2007

Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse

at 8:29 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Funny Hacks

If the remote controlled pigeon post turned your stomach you may want to stop reading about this project now… Noahw and Canida have made a computer mouse using a real dead mouse.

“Obtain a small travel-size (hardware) mouse. This one is a wired mouse that is way to small to use comfortably every day, but perfect for going inside of a mouse. Obtain a similarly-sized (wetware) mouse. These are commonly available fresh or frozen from pet stores, or any other place that sells reptile food. It’s easier to fit a small object into a large mouse than a large object into a small mouse, so err on the side of caution. You can always fill extra space with cotton balls. If you’ve got an optical (hardware) mouse, make sure to choose a pale-furred (wetware) mouse for lightest skin pigment – this will be important later.”

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193 Responses to “Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse”

  1. Elbarfo Says:

    OK, That is hilarious!

    Take that, PETA!!

  2. joebob Says:

    am I the only one who finds this slightly disturbing?

  3. Nikita Says:

    yea this is a little weird but still a cool idea… props for accually doing this!

  4. Ethan Says:

    HAHA, oh wow

    Thats Epic, if not rather disturbing

  5. Ben Says:

    Normally i’m loving all forms of humor but that’s really impious.
    That isn’t fun that’s some kind of morbid.

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    At least they don’t show the gutting of the mouse. I think then I wouldn’t have the stomach to post it…

  7. ME! Says:

    uhh….. Thats kinda sick dude.
    @joebob: I assure you, you aren’t the only one.

  8. ryan Says:

    dude thats gross,kinda cool, but gross

  9. dan Says:

    thats sick and wrong, i think im going to puke.

  10. Berni Says:

    Ewww that is one mouse mod i shure wont do.

  11. liesofxiii Says:

    this makes my pet rat nunzio cry :(

  12. liesofxiii Says:

    This is just as bad as that stupid “Beaver PC mod” done by those german guys, modded a full tower PC into a dead beaver, really not cool, also the only things i dissagree with on instructables :(

  13. riegue Says:

    quite disturbing
    could u at least make it so the images wont show up automaticlly when i open the page?

    i also kinda think that the maker needs help

  14. Dave Says:

    Disgusting.. I dont visit Korperwelt (Google it) and I dont appreciate this post or “creation”. [3 thumbs down]

  15. liesofxiii Says:

    put some kind of warning at the top of the post so you can only see the images when you hit contenue reading

  16. yon Says:

    thats just sick

  17. Paul Says:

    This is awesome, i’d like one!

  18. Cliff Says:

    Mmmmmm. Fuzzy! The ferrari of mice

  19. Jordy Says:

    can i feed it to my snake?

  20. liesofxiii Says:

    Jordy please stop comment spamming.

  21. Macka Says:

    Kinda sick…
    If you’d posted that last week i might have had something to do with the three rats and three mice I caught… jking, wouldnt be able to stomach it, however i did catch 3 rats and 3 mice within a fortnight.

    Definately not going to show Angel (my pet rat) this one.

  22. Paul Says:

    Jordy must really want the thinkgeek voucher

  23. Alan Parekh Says:

    Jordy, your 20 or so comments have been deleted leaving just one. I appreciate comment participation but please don’t leave meaningless comments.

  24. Hexypoo Says:

    Anyone remember the radio shack C.A.T usb thing? Lol that could be a special mod here too, put a C.A.T in a Cat :)

  25. Sashi Says:

    ohh man thats so wrong, but sweet. My cat would try to eat it though.

  26. Clark Hummell Says:

    That is *%^&$ wrong. Sick bastards.

    (rofl anyway!^_^)

  27. zigi Says:

    my neighbors squirel died and i just might get ahold of damn critter if he belives that that is for biology (actually technology 😀 project ). If he desides to give it to me and not burry it I will write a guide for EXTERNAL USB DRIVe 2.5 ! Imagine where i could put green LED`s!YOu got to love that furry creatures

  28. Daniele Says:

    You are sick !!!
    carry on publishing dose shit and i will never come back to this site.

  29. Jonathan Says:

    ok… now that’s sick.. as in disgusting and cruel… sure Peta.org would like this…

  30. Marco Says:


  31. zedomax.com Says:

    DIY – How to make an authentic Mouse using a Dead Mouse

    Download latest version of Flash to view video! .

    Here’s a cool DIY on how to make a mouse using a dead mouse.  It’s ironic because we found some mouse running around at my girfriend’s brother’s apartment the other day……

  32. zedomax.com Says:

    DIY – How to make an authentic Mouse using a Dead Mouse

    Download latest version of Flash to view video! .

    Here’s a cool DIY on how to make a mouse using a dead mouse.  It’s ironic because we found some mouse running around at my girfriend’s brother’s apartment the other day……

  33. Hexypoo Says:

    Guys, Chill the freak out. This is a tech site. This is tech one way or the other. I think its kinda kewl, a little sadistic in that I wouldn’t want one but still kewl.

  34. Nil Says:

    che schifo!

  35. pman Says:

    not cool , different, yes, but its completely useless.. in every way..

  36. Aaron Says:

    Ahahaha, this is awesome! Rock on!

  37. BikerBuva Says:

    OK … I think this site is really cool… but this is slightly … uhm … SICK !!!

  38. eater hack Says:

    son of bitch !!!!!!!!

  39. jbAntje Says:

    That’s Cool !
    I wanna have some kind of mouse, too.
    Do you sell it @ ebay ?

  40. M0rt1n Says:

    If the topic was “Mouse mod using real Mouse fur”, would it be that “gross”? What about these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolpertinger, is this more sick, or less, because it has tradition? Or leather shoes, eww, cattle-skin! Actually, this work is less useless than this stuffed stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxidermy

    But well. A PC-mouse with artificial fur would be a nice idea (fluffy!), this way the project is too icky for me.

  41. Brad Says:


  42. iHME Says:

    Awsome mod. Little bit like my usb “thumb” drive, tough the thumb was from a magictric set. I must build one if I get a hold of a dead mice as I allready have a useles mini computer mouse. And zigi you _MUST_build_it, please do it.

    Do Want.

  43. JR Says:

    Plain disgusting. I see no point in this…

    Re: m0rt1n’s point, if it was just real mouse fur on a mouse, it wouldn’t be as bad. However, you see a gutted mouse with a real PC mouse inside of a the mouse’s body… You just can’t compare this to Leather shoes. You don’t place your feet into a cow’s head with its eyes looking at you.

  44. 123123 Says:

    How about making chair out of you?
    And then add computer inside urself. Then well have cool computerchair.


  45. Gurnarok Says:

    If find this kinda interesting, it’s like putting a fur coat on your (pc)mouse :) If you would use a wireless optical mouse, you could leave the tail and everything in place, only problem would become of changing the battery/recharge.

  46. ryan Says:

    you people are are disturbed i mean come one look at it!!!!!! youve just looked at a dead degutted mouse stuff with a comp mouse!!!!!!!!

  47. Homemade Geek Gadgets - The Photo Hunt - Says:

    […] […]

  48. Homemade Gadgets at the photo hunt Says:

    […] Dead mouse computer mouse (real) […]

  49. Erik Says:

    Man, that’s really cool. Keep up the _dead_ work HEHE

  50. Ja Says:

    Soooo… when exactly will it start to stink ?

  51. Slovepab Says:

    Thats creapy. Nasty, yet creative i guess.
    You need to cut your finger nails man haha.

  52. william Says:

    ewwww. ok a toy mouse stuffed with a computer mouse would be a lot better than stuffing a (assumed) mummified wetware mouse with a computer mouse. its just wrong and sick, i prefer my (hardware) mice to be plastic and not furry

  53. morbidkitty Says:

    WTB> The above
    Too cool *SLURP*

  54. ANTHONY Says:


  55. TiM Says:

    you definantly need 2 seek some kind of psychological help coz thats just not normal…

  56. Jebba Says:

    Hmmmm well someone had to do it to bring out all the idiots, I guess. Different and Creative in a murderous way I guess. Oh well, little things please little minds…..

  57. Dj Fender Says:

    Now that is funny.

    I Should ask the local warehouse for some of their dead mice.

    😛 they aint going anywhere.


  58. Jaboo Says:

    Very disturbing.. What’s next, Human head for a bowling ball?… but hey, this sites gettin’ good hits from this..

  59. madusaran Says:

    life after death hoo…hoo…

  60. carrie king Says:

    that is so nasty i can not belive that any one could ever do anything like that!….Sike that
    is the koolest thing i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!


    Animal crultey. Why would you even do such a thing? Sick,
    and very wrong.

  62. Alex Ford Says:

    That is BRILLIANT!!
    Very artistic.

  63. Optical*Mouse*Dead - TechEnclave Says:

    […] permalink My Logitech optical mouse just died minutes before the time of posting. Googling Optical*mouse*dead brought up a few links and the following outrageous mod: /* WARNING : some people may find it disturbing so I do not encourage people with a weak heart, women, children etc. to scroll down the page. */ Since this is the modding section, I thought it only appropriate to post it here. Moderators, please do take note and move the post to the dump if they consider this unworthy. Source: Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Blog Archive Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse by Alan Parekh @ 8:29 am. Filed under Computer Hacks, Crazy Hacks, DIY Hacks, Funny Hacks If the remote controlled pigeon post turned your stomach you may want to stop reading about this project now Noahw and Canida have made a computer mouse using a real dead mouse. Obtain a small travel-size (hardware) mouse. This one is a wired mouse that is way to small to use comfortably every day, but perfect for going inside of a mouse. Obtain a similarly-sized (wetware) mouse. These are commonly available fresh or frozen from pet stores, or any other place that sells reptile food. Its easier to fit a small object into a large mouse than a large object into a small mouse, so err on the side of caution. You can always fill extra space with cotton balls. If youve got an optical (hardware) mouse, make sure to choose a pale-furred (wetware) mouse for lightest skin pigment – this will be important later. I warned y’all. Don’t blame me. […]

  64. :: about:blank :: the funny, the odd and the strange. Updated daily. » DIY Real Dead Mouse Mouse. Says:

    […] DIY Real Dead Mouse Mouse. Here are some handy instructions how to turn your ex-pet mouse into your next furry PC peripheral! […]

  65. aoles Says:

    How is this animal cruelty? They bought a dead mouse from a pet store. Is this more cruel than buying a live, helpless, feeder mouse so it can be eaten by a snake?

  66. DIY with Pics: Make a Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse « Hot WWW News Says:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  67. becs Says:

    this is Fing disgusting and shows a complete disrespect for other living creatures

  68. derrick Says:

    thats hella cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. derrick Says:


  70. ShannenFtStaceyX Says:

    you sick bastards! you need 2 get a life you wouldnt like it if we did that to you would you you dirty minded bastards! got a problem email me!

  71. Uh, ew? Says:

    Animal cruelty, people! The idea of using a toy mouse or just putting some fake fur on is kind of
    cute, but using a real dead mouse is just wrong on so many levels! Makes me want to hunt down the inventor and stuff a PC down his throught, see how he likes it!

  72. Rocellina Maxwell Says:

    THAT’S TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!! Mickey would be so sad! =( That just makes me wonder what all you guys
    do with your free time! Please don’t post that!

  73. Ollie Says:

    DISGUSTING why would u!!!!!

  74. Melissa Says:

    Do you actually think this is ok? I think its revolting and horrible. I hope someone kills you, cuts up your body, and uses your skin for a strange function, like a human coat! Yeah really productive thing to do with your time….;) you must be SO proud of yourselves! i bet your mum says you’re special too hey!

    love Melissa. got a problem. mail me. i’d love to give you a piece of my mind. again

  75. Jacinta Says:

    This is truly disgusting. Unless you are missing a chromosome, you’d have to be a complete imbecile to actually to find this amusing. Oh, for you small minded folk out there that do find this amusing – to save you the trouble of looking up “imbecile” in the dictionary here’s an explanation:

    . a person of the second order in a former classification of mental retardation, above the level of idiocy.

    Why don’t you utilize your time doing something productive rather than defiling a dead animal? Surely you can use your brain capacity towards something positive rather than embarrassing & demoting people who are affiliated with this line of work.

  76. Carly Says:

    you sick, sick human being.
    If I can even call you that.
    1.Umm who would want to feel a DEAD ANIMAL between their fingers? gross and just plain creepy.
    2.Talk about lack of disrespect towards the damn thing, which at this moment and time deserves more respect than you.
    3.If you seriously think this is FUNNY, then you need some MAJOR therapy going on as of now
    4.I seriously hope that when you die some being bigger, and stronger and smarter than you uses you as some couch or maybe even better a toilet seat.
    5. Get a hobby. seriously. Use your talents on something else. It seems like you have more SICK in you than IMAGINATION.

    To anyone that finds this funny- I’ve just lost every ounce of respect for you.

  77. Arnel Says:

    What an idea…

  78. Mike Says:

    Well….what can I say? I’ve read all the comments here and I feel that I must agree with most of you…. I’m a veggie…and have been for about 15 years. It’s because of the poor treatment toward animals that puts me in the position I am in. I can’t stress enough how sorry I am for the poor defenseless mouse. I’m a member of the A.L.F and if I ever caught the makes of this computer mouse in the street they would have to lock me up – I’ve done it before and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again……shame on you. God help you if I catch you doing it again…..I’m not a violent man – but in your case I would make an exception….and gladly – you tosser.

  79. ali Says:

    you sick bastard

  80. hassan Says:

    whats wrong with you meet me an il rip out your guts and turn you into a human mouse.

    how about that eh?

  81. boblong Says:

    urm what can i say exept your a screwed up mother fu*ker!

  82. jimi jamaine jackson Says:

    what the hell u doin you retard!

  83. René Says:

    Hey! This is really awesome!

    No more politically correct… Run dead, run! hehehehe

  84. MYSKA Says:

    F*ck off Rene’ you sick f*ck. Don’t encourage this shit and rank excuse for ‘awesome’. Go die in hole somewhere. We can all make you into a couch or something :) now that would be awesome. A Rene’ couch!

  85. Myska's Dad Says:

    Two words…


  86. Kat Says:

    I am all for animal rights and decency, but I think that some of the COMMENTS that people have made here are a bit to far out. These are mice farmed for snake consumption and are usually safely euthanized and then frozen. So it’s either this or being swallowed by a snake or a cat on a raw prey or BARF diet. Sure, it’s a little scary, twisted, and disturbing, but it’s only a subjective preference. And doing this is no better than leather, and yet since the cow’s head doesn’t show up on leather, we don’t mind. But in no way does this make the person making these a sick, dirty bastard who deserves to be beaten to death or sent to a looney bin or any vile wish like that.

  87. ELF Says:

    Yeah it does a little- when you can see the other creations this person has made. This is the first step- imagine what else they dream up in their spare time….
    check out – http://www.instructables.com/member/canida/?show=INSTRUCTABLES&limit=10&sort=RATING to see the other items!

  88. ELF Says:


  89. mouseandratfriend Says:

    do you think making an LED light out of a mouse is really fair? http://www.instructables.com/member/canida/?show=INSTRUCTABLES&limit=10&sort=RATING
    i don’t.

  90. Kat Says:

    Maybe they just had to do something with a few extra dead frozen mice around from a nature center? Lots of people with pet snakes or snakes in zoos or nature centers have freezers full of dead frozen mice. I think people are judging this person far too harshly, I might as well make Stephen King’s novels evidence to throw him in a mental hospital.

    Is leather fair? Is meat fair? If you’re a strict vegan, then you would most likely disagree. The only things I would really worry about would be the quality of life the rat had. But these are tastes, though to be honest, I am indeed one of those people concerned about REAL animal abuse, like factory farms, puppy mills, and testing cosmetics on living animals.

    There are plenty of movies out there that many people would love to ban out of the universe because they are “just plain, gross, creepy, and bloody.” But one person’s nightmare in another person’s thrill ride.

  91. zwan Says:

    @becs: how can it show disrespect for other living creatures if the creature is not LIVING anymore ? xD

  92. Sceptra Says:

    This is a really cool idea– to take a figurative word and wittily apply it to something literal.
    Now however when you take a dead animal, which was once a living and breathing creature, that’s a little too far. Or because it is DEAD does it not matter anymore? I won’t impose you my beliefs, but at least try to respect others’ maybe..
    Besides, wouldn’t it decompose over time? Wouldn’t it start to smell?
    Also, I saw nowhere on your site that the animals you used were not harmed during your ‘procedure’.
    I can’t really reprimand you because A. that’s not my place and B. you’re a grown man. But what I can say that though from an outsider’s POV, this is pretty low. Not to mention disgusting.

  93. Krystal Says:

    u guys r nasty.if that is a real mose i would sue u guys.omfg.u guys r sick

  94. Caitlin Says:

    That’s just sick! Those poor little creatures! Who would do a thing like that?!?!?!

  95. THAT'S SICK!!! Says:

    That’s just SICK!!!! How would you like it if someone made YOU into a human computer CHAIR??? Morons! Who would buy a freakin’ dead mouse for another freakin’ computer mouse????? I have a pet rat, but I’m DEFINATLY not letting him see this!!! Whoever came up with this retarted idea needs to geta life. (And some SERIOUS medical help)

  96. sara Says:

    wow, you guys are pathetic. i cant wait till that start killing you asshole and turning you into stupid things.

  97. sara Says:

    oh and i have seven pet mice.
    at one time, i had ten. and one of them looks just like that one:/

    you people are SICK.

  98. Kat Says:

    Funny how we celebrate movies and books about cannibals, vampires, assassins, pirates etc, but when it comes to a little creative taxidermy, on something ALREADY DEAD and DIED HUMANELY and was FARMED TO BE EATEN BY SNAKES, we cringe and tell the person he or she is a sick bastard for even thinking about it? Besides how would pet mice and rats even know what it is when they see it? Has anyone here seen that Body Worlds exhibit? Is that creepy? I think it is a little weird and creepy if you know the people whose bodies are in display, but not enough for me to call the person who created it a sick bastard.

  99. sushil Says:

    dude it not sick to use mouse why do chicks make such a big deal that they are using real mouse to make mouse

  100. Andie Says:

    I can’t believe I’m seeing this.. Clearly there’s nothing I can say that would make you realize how disturbing this is.. but please stop… please..

  101. Andie Says:

    and there’s a difference between being eaten by another animal (which is the natural order of life since snakes need to eat like everything/everyone else) and making a joke of a carcass that was once a living creature. HOW can you possible rationalize this by saying it would have died anyway?? EVERYTHING DIES but that’s no reason to be a CREEP.

  102. Kat Says:

    The mouse doesn’t care anymore, it’s like cremating a person and scattering the ashes. Even if mice go to mice heaven, then might be too occupied with mice heaven to care what’s happening to the hide. Personally I find keeping dead animals in formaldehyde creepier than this. One might as well walk into a nature center and complain about all the taxidermy animals around, if you think about it, making a carcass into room decoration is as “worse” as this.

    But hey, it’s creative taxidermy without going outside with a rifle and shooting them in the head.

  103. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek - Offtopicz Says:

    […] eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek If you catch it you can always do this Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog __________________ Work In […]

  104. hannah Says:

    and yes yes i am
    sick and disturbed


  105. Whatever Says:

    This is sick and disqusting. At first I thought it was plastic, but you actually gutted something that was once a living, breathing animal and put it on your mouse.Maybe we should skin you and use you as a carpet or rug, and see how you like it.You’re gonna end up like serial killers or something. bastards.

  106. refi Says:

    if you want some challenge, do it with a life and healthy mouse (or cat, or dog, .. don’t get me started)

  107. Lord Jambrek Says:

    When you think you saw everything, there is always something that will surprise you.

    This is the best and funnyest thing i’ve ever seen, just great! All you people talking about how someone will end up like a serial killer or something just shut up! The thing is DEAD it would rot anyway, call this recycling.

    There is nothing disturbing about this, people scalp such animals at colledge and no one even talks about it, but when you make a mouse ot of a mouse people call you a maniac.

  108. ToM Says:

    thats freakin sik man i mean why wud u wana hold that why playing a game or on computer ur just fekin sik go die

  109. Little Miss Muffet Says:

    I think humans would make great carpets. Or lamp shades. There are nine-billion of us, after all. It’s kinda cute, in a macabre sort of way; and as you said in your instructions, it was dead and frozen for snake food, anyway, so you killed nothing in doing this. Though…I have to wonder if the brain would rot over time of use? And what of the tendons in the arms and legs? It would stink up your nice leather suit-case!

    Remember, kids; Embalm! It was cool for the Egyptians!

  110. WOWWAWEE Says:


  111. nino’s blog » Blog Archive » Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse Says:

    […] From hacked Gadgets […]

  112. kim Says:

    I hope someone skins YOU and put you on a bicycle. Thats about as amusing as this you sick ****.

  113. Patrick Says:

    I don’t even like animals that much, but to do that to a little animal is pretty sad and sickening. What kind of a person would desecrate a poor little thing like that for pointless use? I hope that the mouse disintegrates and lets off a disease that kills you and whoever helped you do this.

  114. OverTheFlames » Blog Archive » dissected Says:

    […] [click] […]

  115. Billybob Says:

    dude your sick, and probably dont know what girls are!!!

    THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!

    but made me laugh at first

  116. Michael Says:

    I think thats awesome :) Aslong as you dont go out with the intensions of killing a mouse. Finding a dead one is ok i guess :) So this aint sick at all. Some of you people are just big fags…

  117. fireflye Says:

    Wouldn’t it smell? After a while, I mean. -_-

  118. Eco freindly mice! - FreddysHouse Says:

    […] freindly mice! Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Nature and technology working together! __________________ Former Excalibur MidgardGM – Dragons […]

  119. nino’s blog » Blog Archive » Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse Says:

    […] From Hacked Gadgets […]

  120. Ewwwwww!!!!!! Says:

    This thing is just Ewwwwww!!!!!!

  121. Bitch Says:

    this is not kool at all

  122. Ricky Says:

    That is kool, can you make me one… I’ll buy it 😀

  123. LOL Says:

    That is freaking hilarious…and morbid, but funny!

  124. Me Says:

    “You can judge a nation by the way they treat their animals.”
    Just because something is dead doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with respect.
    Yeah I’m one of those annoying vegitarians.
    But I’m still capable of seeing the difference between using an animal for food or clothing and makeing a joke out of something that’s life was once as precious to it and yours is to you.

  125. Me Says:

    Sorry. I mean to say “precious to it AS yours is to you”
    Not “and”

    I wonder if your death will made into a joke?
    The sad thing is, after seeing a taste of your humor, I’d say you’d probably love it.
    I’ve known people with such disrespect as you. Not the type I’d wish to have anything to do with ever again. I hope that you never associate with women or animals as they will surely, undeservingly be treated like s**t.

  126. Van Says:

    That’s awesome. Though I would recommend that you preserve the hide by drying it out. A good taxadermist would be able to show you the way. I should also recommend building a rigid frame inside the mouse’s body and then removing the guts of the PC mouse. If you get the ball out past the hide (or at least aim the sensor in an optical mouse correctly) then you should make it a lot easier and much cleaner looking from a technical perspective. Maybe even cut flaps for the mouse buttons so that you can see them raises up. A little professionalism would make this a stroke of genius (and most likely reduce the smell you’re probably experiencing with it now).

  127. Stephen87 Says:

    Well, one you stop being all screamish and look at this for what it is (recycling :P) It’s a great idea. People buy live mice for feeding them to snakes etc. all the time.

    This empty shell which was once a mouse now PwN’s the internet. Rock on mouse blanket!!!! Rock on.

  128. alex Says:

    oh come on, you gotta admit its funny.
    a mouse mouse:)
    and its not disturbing in the slightest.
    its only dead.
    its not doing anything else.
    and its probably dried out and preserved so it wouldnt stink.

  129. sophie Says:

    that is both gross and stupid what if a little kid sees it i hope you asses lern your lesson

  130. Adam the Kind Says:

    Look, I’m a nice guy here. I really am, but reading over all of these butt-hurt responses from oversensitive kiddies is sickening. “I HOEP SUM1 TAEKS U AN GUTS U AN MAEKS U A MUOSE ASHOLE!!!1” You’re dumb. Do you own a single piece of leather? Have you ever eaten a steak? If you have eaten a steak, did you throw away the bones? That’s hardly respectful, now, is it?

    But you’ll get up your pedestal for this: a guy took a creature, already dead, and in a moment of whimsy, applied some creative taxidermy. His mouse-mouse serves thousands of times the purpose that any stuffed and mounted animal carcass would. Will you curse a taxidermist at a nature reserve? Will you curse a tannery? No. Never. Why? Because your jacket doesn’t have eyes? Because there’s nothing there to remind you that your boots used to be alive? You’re hypocrites, you’re weak, and you’re ignorant. It’s that simple.

    Now, get off your high horse; he’s been suffering a lot under your burdensome girth, so he’s gonna have to be put down — I’ll give you a deal on the shoes he makes.

  131. Jennifer Says:

    ewww wtff.. your gross
    nasty minddd.
    your so stupiddd

  132. Kasii Says:

    thats wrong!!!

  133. Mr.T Says:

    Can u plz tell me where i can get one of those dead mice, im really hungry and i bet it’ll
    taste nice with a bit of garlic and chilli sauce!!!!

  134. Open-minded Says:

    I agree with ‘Adam the kind’. Really people, those who disagree with this yet type, ‘I hope you die and are turned into something’ are major hypocrites.

  135. Lil Bill Says:

    That’s rather interesting… wow man!
    crazy 😛

  136. adam Says:

    that sick man y would u want to see that u sick ***** u think that funny then thers sumet up with u

  137. gi@no Says:

    It will stinks soon or later

  138. John Says:


  139. WILL Says:

    anyone that would even consider buying this is messed up. even if then animal is dead that is disrespectfull to do to any animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i suport PETA!!!

  140. Maura Says:

    Points for creativity! But I truly recommend you guys think about the need for a real job to put this energy into a problem worth solving or inventing something of constructive merit …

    I find the idea very funny and brilliant but also sad for the little mouse as this could have been a mouse with a future. Guys – don’t kill stuff or waste stuff and let’s not inspire others to do stupid stuff that involves unnecessarily killing or wasting (and already dead but snake-ready meal) something that could have been used for (something’s) food purposes. The problem here is that you also inspire those less gifted to go do something equally stupid. Now please go and take the wiring and hard mouse out of the poor squishy mouse critter and please go find a snake that will eat something “warmer” than desired (in other words already played with and out a while). Otherwise, as my father made me when I shot a bird because I had a bb gun, clean it, cook it and eat it. It will make a tiny tiny roast. Good job for creativity. Now – take care of your toys and clean up properly and go get a job.

  141. Maura Says:

    Oh — it was a great idea… Funny. (I just would have actually skipped the actual making it part). Good job anyway — and I understand this entire site is your creative outlet and worth doing … just this one I would have recommended skipping. It borders on one of those scary destructive ideas that might inspire a throng of those too young or too stupid to carry good judgement.

  142. Windows 7 - Mini Fireworks?? - Page 5 - Windows 7 Forums Says:

    […] Computer Mouse using a Dead Mouse – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog Later […]

  143. Elise Says:

    O my gosh that is horrible!!!! That has to be breaking something under the 10 commandments! Thats horrible!! O my gosh! That is completely disturbing!

  144. Hung Lo Lynx 1-21-2009 | HungLoDojo | Mixed Martial Arts News Says:

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  145. fubar Says:


  146. One hung low Says:

    lol like my name

  147. Thomas Says:

    This is seriously f****ed up! Found this on google and its disturbing

  148. micky Says:

    this is so cool were can i get one

  149. hillbilly jim Says:

    i would eat that for my dinner

  150. hillbilly jim Says:

    i want one so i can eat it for my tea

  151. mclovin Says:


  152. hillbilly jim Says:

    hey jack i want you for my tea

  153. john Says:

    that was very gross, and i think you hurt the rats feelings. he is crying on the inside.

  154. Mickey Rat Says:

    being a rat myself, i did not find that funny.

  155. adam the kind Says:

    i didnt mean what i said, that was the best idea ive ever seen! i love wearing mice clothes, and mice hats, thanks for the great idea!

  156. SARA Says:


  157. charlotte Says:


  158. Crackmaster Says:

    Lol, i can’t believe it, man! xD nice work you did there 😉

  159. marsyros Says:

    YUCK. this is DISGUSTING!

  160. ICO Says:

    Taxidermy has been commonly practiced for hundreds of years. I think this is less “cruel” to the corpse than if it was fed to a snake and digested. The only reason people are whining about animal cruelty is because it is more justified than saying you’re grossed out about seeing a dead mouse. To all PETA members out there, I’m going to eat a seal, no, two live baby seals just for you.

  161. Brianna Says:

    You are *** up and this is disgusting you are so *** up you searioiusly need a psychiotrest

  162. echt schlimm, diese echte USB-Mouse » PC-SPEZIALIST Bremen Says:

    […] Bastelanleitung: […]

  163. Folosind mouse-ul real, mort. « ~~~LEAST RELAXATION~~~ Says:

    […] Poza de aici […]

  164. Dan>>>>>>>>Dan Says:

    the idea is interesting but I prefer the plastic mouse

  165. Jenni Jayne Says:

    you’re *** sick. this is horrible, why the hell would you kill an innocent mouse for this? *** you.

  166. Let’s Hope This Doesn’t Catch On « The View From Out Here Says:

    […] those who want to see more, and frankly I’m not sure why you really would, you can check out Hacked Gadgets.  Oh, in case I didn’t mention it already, this is a REAL […]

  167. Jobzz Says:

    Gosh..That is disgusting.I am very scared of mouse. I left my house just because of little mouses and they ruined my kitchen and made me so upset. Apart from that these photos are really sick and I cant even touch a real dead mouse. SICK SICK SICK…

  168. Lynne Says:

    I’m with Kat on this, she’s the only one not being a total dickhead about the whole thing.

  169. jazzy Says:

    you are sick how would you like to be cut open and have some big object shoved inside you? freak!

  170. Taylor Says:

    ummmmmmmmmmm so this is way gross! u have problems. ur morbid. ur like edgar allen poe u freak! u needa go 2 rehab! that is cruel. ur a sick individual. your mom should b ashamed of your stupid ass. get the point?

  171. Anthony Says:

    Wow I think you struck a nerve with allot of folks here. Yea, it kind of creeps me out but funny at the same time. Personally I wouldn’t want one but I know people who have deer heads on their walls. Not much different really. Could you be disturbed perhaps but I could say the ones who want to hurt you are more disturbed. Bet you laugh your ass of on some of the comments. Me, I don’t think your disturbed. Think you just like to mess with peoples minds. Which is usually just way to easy. Keep on truckin.

  172. NANA Says:

    ill thats nasty disgusting ill my mouse is crying…LOL

  173. Lois Says:

    Seriously, everyone who’s getting all ‘animal rights’ about this? It’s not like whoever did it went out and killed a mouse for it. They’ve bought a mouse which is already dead, and done it. It’s just creative taxidermy, if anything.

    I like it. I’d have one.

  174. Smoke Damage Restoration Says:

    Oh my god..!!! That is gross..!!!

  175. Vendredis Says:

    Oh this is truly brilliant! What a clever and novel idea!
    I bet the shoutey-flamey people on here would love to know what I did to some dead rabbits recently.
    Cheers for this, you’ve put a smile on my face :)

  176. Pluto Says:

    Hehh, cool, however I never would try it. But still cool. Eyes should be changed to red LEDs to provide left and right click feedback.

  177. kara Says:

    wtf is wrong with those people

  178. rhunidian Says:

    This is a little disgusting, but creative. How about doing something constructive and use FAKE mice for the computer mouse?

  179. adrian Says:

    efffffffffffinnnnnnnnnnn aweeeeeesooooommmeeeeeeeeee. You are my hero. Screw all these pet lovers.

  180. Amy Says:

    This is sick and cruel. Two words for you: Animal rights. It may be creative, but it’s pointless, and if an animal is dead, you should respect that, let it dissinigrate in the ground on its own- let nature take its course instead of using the poor thing for your amusement.

  181. rosely e Says:

    you can”t do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  182. rosely e Says:

    but don”t do that agian:)

  183. Zoe Says:

    hey! this is just mean and crul. im getting a pet mouse and now i fel wierd! animals have rights too! i mean really. would you stuff a dead pearson?!? im working my head off trying to save animals and you do THIS????? really? gosh.

  184. twitch Says:

    wow lotta ppl get butt hurt over rodents, nice mouse… ppl thinks thats bad skin a snake and use it for a condum!!! ha ha ha ha ha.

  185. hessam Says:

    you bastard !!! how could you??

  186. Need a New Mouse? - jemjabella.co.uk Says:

    […] Squeak squeak: now that’s what I call a mouse! (Not suitable for children.) Comments Off Tags: funny. […]

  187. luiza Says:

    eeewww!!!!,,HOW COULD YOU??? :( thats just real tight and disgusting,and wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.o

  188. Stevey Says:

    This is SICK man! Is it a real mouse?

  189. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Stevey,

    Sure is.

  190. fuck u Says:

    te parece gracioso? me encantaria forrar el lavarropa con la piel imunda de tu madre hijo de puta

  191. Luigi Fulk Says:

    Your blog is great and i also know Allen always adds balsamic vinegar to his soup.

  192. Ceesa Says:

    This would be a humane use for extra lawyers.

  193. 【閲覧注意】路上で事故死した動物を剥製化!!気が狂ってるwww | usgmo.info Says:

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