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April 23, 2007

Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car

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This Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car Upgrade Kit is one of the coolest RC cars kits I have seen in a long time. It is pricey though, hopefully when these hydrogen fuel cells become more common place the price will come down to earth.

Video after the jump

“The H-cell is a unique integration “upgrade” kit for electric hobby R/C cars, designed as a drop in unit that can fit inside widely available Tamiya TT-01 type chassis. The H-cell system designed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies includes a 30W air-cooled, air-breathing and self-humidified PEM fuel cell stack with integrated bright blue light-emitting fans and a sleek aluminium casing. The integration kit also includes electronic controls, a miniature pressure regulator and three 10L metal hydride canisters in a hydrogen storage “rack”. At maximum power output and with a single charge, the H-cell can run the car at 35 km/h for over 1 hour, as opposed to just 15 minutes with the conventional Nimh battery.”

Via: The Raw Feed


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45 Responses to “Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car”

  1. L0rd_D4rk Says:

    Great car, but I believe that they will have to spend many years until we will be able to see real life applications of this technology, hopefully the rising of the petroleum prices will accelerate the process 🙂

  2. Micaiah Says:

    In case you didn’t know, hydrogen not only is extremely expensive, but not realistic and most likely it will never become cheap enough to throw away on something like this, although it looks interesting and i would like to try it.

  3. liesofxiii Says:

    Wasnt there a kit circleing the net not too long ago of an RC car that ran on water?

  4. Ptr Says:

    I would soo like to get that….but obtaining the hydrogen migh be hard/time consumeing.

  5. Alan Parekh Says:

    Water powered! If you find the link I would love to check it out. 🙂

  6. MAKE: Blog Says:

    Fuel cells for RC cars (kit)

    Here is a fuel cell for RC cars, $1,500! That thing is faaaaast! The H-cell is a unique integration “upgrade” kit for electric hobby R/C cars, designed as a drop in unit that can fit inside widely available Tamiya…

  7. chuck d sanders Says:

    Umm, I am under the impression that Platinum is still the main ingredient to create the electrochemical reaction within a hydrogen fuel cell. Because of this, there isn’t enough raw platinum to create all of the fuel cells necessary to even put a dent in our energy problem. However it is a neat toy.

  8. liesofxiii Says:

    @Alan Parekh
    Theres the kit 😀

  9. skazz Says:

    As others mentioned, it’s not something to model a large-scale car after. However, this does seem like the most practical fuel-cell application I’ve seen in a while.

  10. Alan Parekh Says:

    Thanks for the link Lies.

  11. Hexypoo Says:

    Pretty spiffy indeed.

  12. Joseph Says:

    Whats so amazing about a water powered car. Its simple electrolysis. The water (H20) is broken down into Hydrogen (H) and Ozygen (O). The Hydrogen (H) is then used to power the car. Its the same thing except in this case there is no middle man and the Hydrogen (H) is used directly. That is what drives up the cost.

  13. liesofxiii Says:

    The amazing-ness behind it is how easy is it to find hydrogen for cheap? Water is very abundant and costs alot less than most things

  14. Macka Says:

    Platinum can be used, but you can also get hold of special membranes that allow either the proton of the Hydrogen to pass through, whilst the electron is forced to go through a wire (thats where you get the power from) to get to the other side so that the reaction can be completed. Im pretty sure thats how it works anyway, and it eliminates the use of the platinum. If I can find a link i will post it.

  15. Clark Hummell Says:

    Okay, so where’s my fuel-cell car, FORD?!

  16. Slav Says:

    Plus Hydrogen is the most abundant of chemical elements, constituting about 75% of the universe’s elemental mass

  17. Andy Says:

    I’ve seen buses running around London, here’s a link showing them http://www.londonbuspage.com/040119.htm

  18. Lee Says:

    Wow – very cool! I love where technology is taking us, this RC vehicle is pretty insane. Pretty sleek looking too you know? I wouldn’t mind one myself!


  19. dbkite Says:

    Honda now has a real hydrogen car that you can buy, and it comes with it’s own hydrogen filling station. http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clarity/. It is most certainly a few dollars more then the h2, but you can fit in it…

  20. GphoneModules Says:

    MOTOSLVR L7 Hydrogen fuel cell prototype…

    It looks like everyday people are trying to invent new ways to prolong their batteries, specially women who talks a lot on the phone.
    But now put some Hydrogen fuel cell I think it’s a little lets say crossing the line, not mentioning risky.&nbsp…

  21. Ant1 Says:

    this car is cool but i have seen one for 10 times cheaper an with it’s own docking station which means that you don’t have to buy hydrogen all you have to do is put water in the docking station and connect the car and it fuels it self

  22. John Says:

    That car Is sick I want one .

  23. heffyjustin Says:

    ok for all of the people out there who think water is an abundent resource look at the fasts the amount of water on the earth remains the same all the time and popultion is going up all the time so it doesn’t take a genious to figure out that water is in short supply

  24. Levi Says:


    Exactly, a genius would notice that because the supply of water isn’t dropping with an increase in population then the population isn’t affecting the supply of water. So, it takes a genius to figure out that water is not in short supply.

  25. jjhamilton Says:

    My car is already converted to hydrogen fuel, I increased my gas milage an extra 100 miles per tank. My husband installed it in 3 hours. It is safe and better yet affordable. Also my car runs better. Check it out.

  26. sheldon Says:

    hay man these is a pretty sick car design it look soo kool i lov it hahahaha

  27. Tanner Says:

    There is a cheaper, faster and more powerful route. Brushless and lipo power. Speeds around 80mph are achievable.

  28. Car Drives on Walls or Ceiling using internal Vacuum - Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog Says:

    […] vacuum and drive faces on a cube like object. If you like cool RC cars don’t forget the Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car that we featured in the […]

  29. hothrous Says:

    This is pretty cool if you like expensive toys. As Chuck said, the primary material used as a catalyst for fuel cells is Platinum. Sure you get probably get enough platinum wire to run an RC car for around 50-60 bucks. But think about how much that would cost in a regular sized vehicle. The alternative is nano Iron powder. Also very expensive. I found some for $20/gram with a minimum purchase of 10g. The third option is Palladium. Which is right up there with platinum.

    The other problem we would run into is that half of the supply of both platinum and palladium are used as catalysts to convert the gases that our existing cars release. The bulk of the other half of platinum is put into jewelry. Of course the latter might be solved if you tell people they are wearing car parts.

    The way we need to move is toward like what jjhamilton is using. Though that is not hydrogen fuel. That is a hydrogen supplement. Once it has been accepted that our best two options are either going to be High Powered electric or hydrogen combustion then we can start working towards an actual resolution.

  30. Sefa Says:

    Yes, like a real car technology. Nice Post.


  31. marko Says:

    thats bad design… i dont like it much… it seems like that car owner is chainsaw man… scary huh? but inside design is beautiful… is these baloons NO2 baloons?

  32. Kaylee Says:

    i want this car and i love i hahahaha love andre

  33. Kaylee Says:

    heyy i am so happy

  34. Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car - Perth Street Bikes Says:

    […] Fuel Cell RC Car Now this is looking forward, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car. […]

  35. Hydrogen Fuel Says:

    Very Cool Toy must get me one.

  36. crrc Says:

    if any one have site or avy thing show us how it’s made or how can we collect it
    I have hho cell but how conect to rc engine
    my eemail >> eternal_life2 at hooot maail

  37. john wayne Says:

    Ya thats real cool, not Its just dumb

  38. DaTinkerer Says:

    For Water Electrolysis,

    Try using aluminium instead of Platinum and also use salt water.


  39. Adit Says:

    ya, the hydrogen usage is cool but, if we of the other side then may be harmful, and safety precautions should must be taken.And remaining all the things are just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    just keep it up……..
    all the best for the future.

  40. rakesh Says:

    hi can u plz sent me the working video of the hydrogen fuel cell car and also material required to create this one

  41. al Says:

    where can i but the convertion for a tto1 chassis and how much we lookin at?

  42. reves Says:

    I have read all sorts of opinions on the use of hydrogen on here. First of all, hydrogen is not expensive and is extremely abundant. The reason the platinum is needed for electrolysis is because the process will break down most metals relatively fast (especially aluminum). Particular grades of stainless steel is a decent and cheaper alternative to platinum.

  43. Jack Says:

    this car is WHACK, i could make a better one with my eyes SHUT!

  44. alibazokar Says:

    thankio for ever i vant plant car

  45. amy Says:

    dont know what yours r on about but sounds cool 🙂

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