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April 23, 2007

Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car

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This Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car Upgrade Kit is one of the coolest RC cars kits I have seen in a long time. It is pricey though, hopefully when these hydrogen fuel cells become more common place the price will come down to earth.

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“The H-cell is a unique integration “upgrade” kit for electric hobby R/C cars, designed as a drop in unit that can fit inside widely available Tamiya TT-01 type chassis. The H-cell system designed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies includes a 30W air-cooled, air-breathing and self-humidified PEM fuel cell stack with integrated bright blue light-emitting fans and a sleek aluminium casing. The integration kit also includes electronic controls, a miniature pressure regulator and three 10L metal hydride canisters in a hydrogen storage “rack”. At maximum power output and with a single charge, the H-cell can run the car at 35 km/h for over 1 hour, as opposed to just 15 minutes with the conventional Nimh battery.”

Via: The Raw Feed