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April 22, 2007

Everingham Rotating House

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The Everingham Rotating House must be the geekiest house I have ever seem (I love it). When you get tired of the view from the living room just press a button and rotate the house to change the view. Or when the sun is glaring on the TV instead of closing the blinds you could just rotate out of the sun!

“The Everingham rotating house is a 24-metre diameter octagon with a 3-metre, 360-degree verandah. The exterior walls are mostly glass and steel, and it has a COLORBOND® roof. The entire structure, weighing approximately 50 tonnes, rotates up to 360-degrees if and when desired, within a 180 degree retainer wall and a 180 degree fixed deck and railing. The concept is the result of nearly a decade of intermittent research, planning and design, and ten months of construction over a two year period consuming all disposable time. The project was completed in March 2006. The idea was born when our neighbours were expounding the virtues of their new home and commented that if they could start again they would orientate the house 15 degrees more to the north. Deb said Wouldn’t it be handy to have a house that could move?”

Thanks David


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31 Responses to “Everingham Rotating House”

  1. liesofxiii Says:

    House looks perfect for some solar pannels, but I never shutup about that so moving on.

  2. Berni Says:

    This must have ben prtey expensive to make.But it shure is cool

  3. Shadyman Says:

    That house is pretty damn sexy. Where are the blueprints? 🙂

  4. Paul Says:

    I’d love a house that rotates, it’s be awesome

  5. Sean Says:

    I’d love for there to be a hidden basement, only accessable in a certain position. Puzzle house!

  6. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hey Sean,

    That would be cool, although I could just imagine getting locked in the basement for days if the mechanism broke down while in the basement… That would also make for a very good burglar deterrent system, when the crooks go downstairs just rotate the house blocking their exit. 🙂

  7. Greg Courville Says:

    Niice. It’s amazing what one can do with an enormous surplus of time, money and motivational energy.

    As liesofxiii suggested, solar panels on that roof would be a great addition…

  8. liesofxiii Says:

    Now if we look behind the book case…

  9. BHSPitMonkey Says:

    I just can’t convince myself that this house isn’t full of ceramic horses on moving poles.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Reminds me of Boo`s carousel in Super Mario 64.

    Oh and if making the house was not expensive enough… Just look at the landscape… amazing.

  11. Mr. Maigo Says:

    The did like an inflatable rotating house in the 50’s… this looks sooo much nicer

  12. Hexypoo Says:

    Thats freaking amazing. Woner what the price tag on that sucker is

  13. The rotating house - a geeks dream » gHacks tech news Says:

    […] The inside is looking great as well. I’m wondering how much it would cost to buy the house ? If you want to look at more pictures and even see a short movie about the rotating house visit the Everingham rotating house website. Found at the hacked gadgets blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this post written on April 23rd, 2007 in Entertainment, Cool. You may now subscribe to my RSS Feed, scroll down to leave a comment, or get back to the homepage.   I recommend Giganews, the ultimate P2P alternative: Read here why […]

  14. The rotating house - a geeks dream - Computer Forums Says:

    […] The rotating house – a geeks dream I have seen lots of weird gadgets in the past but this one tops them all. A house that can be rotated by 360 around a central core that contains all the plumbing and connections to the house ? Sounds a little bit futuristic dont you think ? You could apparently rotate the house in correlation with the moving sun for instance. It is also nice to get a fresh view out of the window by simply rotating the house a little bit. Take a look at the pictures.. I personally think that this house and the view looks amazing. You might be wondering about the speed of the rotation, it would not be fun to get sick every time the house is rotating. There are several rotation speeds actually. The slowest and default speed is 40 meters per hour which means a full rotation will be performed in about 2 hours. The fastest rotation speed is 160 meters per hour which means that a full rotation will take 30 minutes to complete. The rotation is controlled by the computer interface pictured above. You first select a room of the house and then press the orientation of that room. The house will be automatically moved into that direction. The button follow the sun looks pretty interesting. Im not absolutely sure but this could mean that you can select a room and rotate it the way that the sun is always shining into that room. The inside is looking great as well. Im wondering how much it would cost to buy the house ? If you want to look at more pictures and even see a short movie about the rotating house visit the Everingham rotating house website. Found at the hacked gadgets blog. __________________ Warez Monsters 4 Step Spyware Removal Guide “Guns don’t kill people, husbands that come home early do” […]

  15. shdwtek Says:


    That would be great. Just like something from Myst.

  16. Sweetpea Says:

    I LIKE!!

  17. max Says:

    Did you add snapshot?

  18. skazz Says:

    With any luck, this just inspired someone to take on the Dymaxion House. Look that one up if you want an interesting and wonderfully efficient version of this.

  19. Alan Parekh Says:

    Hi Max,

    Ya, I added it a few weeks ago. I like it since you can see where you are going before you go. 🙂

  20. Factor MX » Archivo del weblog » Casa Giratoria Says:

    […] Yo quiero una casa de estas: aqui. […]

  21. Luke Everingham Says:

    Dear Hacked Gadgets,
    as the designer, builder and occupant of Everingham Rotating house it is refreshing to soo an
    article on this project with a difference.
    Your readers made some interesting comments too, but nearly all with a common thread that it
    must have been expensive. the house was designed to be comparable in cost to a conventional
    house of similar size and level of appointment. this goal was achieved.
    Thanks for the editorial… Good article, good response, good publication.
    We are building the Everingham Rotating House for others.
    Luke Everingham

  22. Nino's Blog Says:

    Everingham Rotating House

  23. Online Surveys Says:

    That is tight. I know a few people with Crows Nest rooms in their homes overlooking water. It would be great to add that technology to that one specific room to get a 360 view of the ocean and mountains.

  24. Clark Hummell Says:

    Did they by any chance happen to once work for an amusement park?

  25. kevin Says:

    the puzzle house sounds cool but think, you can also use it as a torture device as well by placing some one in the door way and having the house slowy rotate untill they talk.

  26. Wayne Says:

    In Mount Barker, Western Australia there is a house very simular to this.
    It is on the right hand side of Albany Highway just before the caravan park,
    north of the town.
    It also rotates 360 degrees to capture the sun and is locally known as ‘The
    Roundhouse’. I believe it was built in th 70’s or 80’s.

  27. Wayne Says:

    I’m sorry, I spelt symarlar wrong.

  28. nino’s blog » Blog Archive » Everingham Rotating House Says:

    […] Linky […]

  29. Baron Says:

    If you like this…..check out http://www.solaleya.com

    These houses have amazing design, as well as have protection against high winds and earthquakes.

  30. The rotating house – a geeks dream – weird gadgets, default speed Says:

    […] The inside is looking great as well. I’m wondering how much it would cost to buy the house ? If you want to look at more pictures and even see a short movie about the rotating house visit the Everingham rotating house website. Found at the hacked gadgets blog. […]

  31. Hyginus Says:

    How do you supply electicity and water in a rotating house?

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