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April 17, 2007

Sulfur Hexafluoride Experiment

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Sulfur Hexafluoride is an interesting gas, it basically has the oposite effect of helium. It is heavier than air and when inhaled it makes your voice deeper. Does anyone know where to get this stuff?

One more video after the jump.

“Because the gas has a high density (over five times denser than air), it can be poured into open containers, like beakers and fishtanks. Moreover, light objects, e.g. ship-like vessels made out of light wood or aluminium foil containing air inside, can float on the gas.

Sulfur hexafluoride is an inorganic compound with the formula SF6. This species is a gas at standard conditions. SF6 has an octahedral geometry, consisting of six fluorine atoms attached to a central sulfur atom. It is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable gas. Typical for a nonpolar gas, it is poorly soluble in water but soluble in nonpolar organic solvents. It is generally transported as a liquified compressed gas. It has a density of 6.13 g/L at sea level conditions.”

Via: TechEBlog